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1. Favorite Scene: Alicia and Cary...because Alicia got mad, and Matt Czuchry is just friggin adorable.

2. Alicia/Diane: Good for them! I really think Alicia will benefit from having a professional female mentor in her life. Even if she ends up not taking the track the Diane took, it'll be nice to have someone there to guide her along.

3. Peter as SA: Yes. The Florricks are so great when they're threatening people.

4. Kalinda/Alicia: I give it 3 episodes.

5. Grade: B. I fell in love with this show because while it's not reality TV in the least, I felt that it accurately portrayed the gray areas in life, and just gave us a little bit of reality when it came to television dramas. For that reason, I'm not upset by the fact that sometimes the show has been a little sluggish. Sometimes life is a little sluggish. At least the show has terrific actors to portray the occasionally mundane realities of life.



I don't want throw in a wet towel but this partner track for Alicia is a ploy that Dianne is playing her with, she thinks by trying this it will get the SA office off their backs with Alicia as a partner. Dianne is in the thick of things just as Will is and could go down with him for past legal blackmail.
First off a lawyer with 3 yrs doesn't make partner that fast it takes a good 10yrs or better before even being considered in the real world.
Also look at Wendy Scott working on Will about Peter from his first SA Stint,it look good till she hit him with the grand jury then he lawyered up fast. That kind of tells me that oldman Stern was right when he told Alicia back in season 1 that Peter was framed, and I bet Will was in the thick of things with judges and Glenn Childs. Wouldn't that kick Alicia in the ASS to find out the firm was deeply involved.
She schould move on to Lou Canning firm where the hours and work habits are more stable.

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