The Good Wife Round Table: "What Went Wrong"

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The Good Wife said goodbye to 2011 on Sunday night with an episode that teased forgiveness for Kalinda and a promotion for Alicia.

What did our Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica think of "What Went Wrong?" What grade would they give the season so far? These answer await...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I will go with a series of scenes, or cuts to be exact, from when the team was racing to find information to overthrow the verdict. It reminded me of last year's classic "Nine Hours." The Good Wife knows just how to pick up the pace and create investigative drama.

Christine: Alicia telling Cary off, threatening him with a lawsuit and ordering him to get Kalinda. I love it when Alicia decides to kick a little ass.

Carissa: When Alicia called Owen because she was lonely and they had drinks. I always love seeing some Owen.

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Is Alicia making the right decision by accepting Diane's counsel?
Matt: There's no reason to turn it down right now, I suppose. But if Alicia is truly considering the partner track, it seems like an awfully quick transition from last week when she was so concerned about her children and her role in their lives. There's no doubt that a promotion would result in less time at home.

Christine: I think so. She could use a mentor and a friend and she definitely wants Diane with her, not against her. I do think Alicia needs to decide if the partner track is something she really wants because it will be difficult to balance her family and that kind of work commitment.

Carissa: At this point, I'd say yes. The Diane of two years ago seemed less inclined to play fair with Alicia, not knowing her well and thinking of her more as damaged goods of a political fallout and the ex-girlfriend of her partner. I think she respects her as a person now.

Do you approve of Peter playing the State's Attorney's card with the prep school?
Matt: I approve because it gave us Chris Noth at his best, playing an arrogant a-hole. But I didn't really follow the logic here in general. The head mistress said a spot would be open in the new school year anyway... so it was necessary to bully her into letting the kids attend RIGHT NOW just because Grace went off and got baptized last week?

Christine: Approve, not completely but people will do just about anything for their kids and Alicia was more than happy to have him do what he needed to do to get their kids into that school. Peter is at his most entertaining when he's using his power to get what he wants. It might not always be appropriate but it sure is fun to watch.

Carissa: I don't approve of anything Peter does. This is no exception.

How long until Alicia and Kalinda are sharing drinks again?
Matt: Awhile. It's one thing to realize that Kalinda has many positive qualities - and I loved her speech about not having changed in any way - and to thaw the ice between these two, but it's another for Alicia to take the step of actually confiding in her former BFF. And that's fine with me. I prefer the professional drama to the personal.

Christine: Soon I hope. They both need a real friend and I've missed these two.

Carissa: I can only hope it's one episode. This season has been sorely lacking, and much of that is due to the loss of their friendship. It's imperative they get it back, and quickly.

Give the first half of the season a grade.
Matt: B. The Will/Alicia relationship never really had any direction, and the stakes have simply felt diminished this season. So far, at least. I'm confident they'll pick up in 2012, but I think back to the drama of Blake and the merger last year, combined with Peter's State's Attorney race, and nothing comes across as that urgent at this point.

Christine: B+. I've found the characters intriguingly flawed this year and their dynamics continue to change. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out.

Carissa: C-. There isn't one fully redeeming character on the show right now. They are all in some state of flux, playing backstabbing games, without friends, or pleasant connections. I'm genuinely only a couple of episodes away from giving up if they don't up the ante and bring back the meaning to the characters with whom I fell in love.



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