The Big Bang Theory to "Explore" Leonard and Penny Again

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The Big Bang Theory will celebrate its 100th episode very early in 2012. This special installment will be the second one to air after the show returns from its holiday hiatus.

And it will be an especially important one, according to executive producer Chuck Lorre, focusing on Penny and Leonard and their future as a couple.

Leonard and Penny

“The friendship is going well, but then we throw in a moment where she was drunk and [said] she regretted breaking up with him," Lorre says. "So, although it is a little risky, it felt like the right thing to do, to explore Leonard and Penny again in the 100th episode."

Fellow producer Bill Prady confirms: "That relationship isn’t done."

Read more from these two at TV Line and chime in below: Do you want to see Leonard and Penny back together?


Stop beating the dead horse that is Leonard and Penny. They are terrible together. They constantly fight and they just aren't suited for each other.I would much rather see Amy Farrah Fowler with Leonard :)


For anyone familiar with Carl Jungs theory on personality types, which led to MBTI and Socionics, it would be clear that Penny is an ESFp and Leonard is an INTp. Their relationship is one of duality. Dual partners are like two halves of a whole unit. They usually understand each others intentions without any need to say a word. Dual will naturally protect your weak points and appreciate the strong ones without asking for anything in return. Duality is actually quite common, which is why their relationship works so well in a sitcom. I love the big bang theory. It helps me forget my pain for half an hour.


I AM SO HAPPY THAT LEONARD AND PENNY ARE TOGETHER AGAIN!! I really missed seeing them together, it felt like the show was missing something. I think they are really sweet together and they are obviously crazy about each other. Penny is so sweet to the guys and what i like most about her is that she really does love these guys and in Leonard (and the rest of the guys) she has this new family that she knows will always be there for her no matter what and we have seen that she is always there for them She really loves these guys and they really love her as well, even Sheldon. Leonard and Penny for me has always been the center of the show and it always gives me a really warm feeling when i see them together (especially when they get romantic). With Leonard and Penny together the show feels whole again and i am loving every minute of it. Let’s hope thtat they stay together. I love Kaley Cuoco, and Penny is my favorite character, but the guys are definitely up there right beside her.


Yes yes yes yes yes yessssssssss!!!! I LOVE LENNY! Lenny and Shamy are the two pairings that HAVE to end up together. I don't care what people say about leonard and penny being "just physical with no chemistry" I think most people would agree with me when I say the whole 'geek gets the girl' aspect makes this show ten times better to what it already is.
So yeah leonard and penny being 'explored' is a good thing and shows that the show is moving in a good direction :)


The show seems to be going in the right direction at least for now.
I do think however things are moving a little fast. What fan's got to accept is that change is in the horizon. Like mankind itself, if no one evolved in some way or form in this show then we would get bored pretty fast. Not changing the witty or the slap stick humor but the characters need a teeny bit of alteration here and there. Not everyone is going to be impressed or happy with changes. That would be impossible. It may be too early, but as long as they keep the characters close to home and keep Sheldon A sexual with the exception of a girlfriend he hardly shows compassion for because he is simply not the compassionate type, we will be fine and the shows will continue to amuse us and be a whole.
As for "Two And A Half Men".....
Never was a funny show. Charlie Sheen I suppose saved it for what it was worth to other people. Ashton Kutcher kills humor in everything. That is all.

Snow not so white

Just don't bring Priya back! I really don't like that b!tch.


When is The Bing Bang Theory airing again?


Great! I am looking forward to it. It's the natural way of things. One of those geeks in the group should be the accent, getting with a hot girl. Plus it's fun and gives something of a nice warm touch to the series. They should stay together and the guys should keep staying geeks and crazy brilliant minds. There is a whole universe of human relations and funny situations to explore with the Penny/Leonard couple. It's the right thing to keep in the series and it's fun.


I knew it. After that non-date episode it was inevitable. I just wish they would hurry up. I was positive that they were going to get back together at the beginning of the season as part of the aftermath of last seasons finale, but of course the writers blew that golden opportunity. The anticipation is killing me at this point.


I've long stood against Penny for many reasons (idiot, horrible representation of women, bad acting, etc) but for me, Pennard works. I like that the geek gets the (a??) girl. Something that appeals to the long dead idealist in me, I suppose.

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