Terra Nova Season Finale Review: No Hope Plaza

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The largest issue I have with the Terra Nova season finale is that there were many nice moments that could have been great if they weren't part of a show that - in general - is just not good. 

For example, the early scene at the bar was nice. Lucas making a big deal about his pseudo brother/sister relationship with Skye was funny, and then after he tried to go a bit too far with his fake sister, Josh coming to the rescue was admirable.

Lucas again proved to be a viable villain as he took a number of free shots on the teenager, before Big Jim Shannon came storming into the bar to save the day.

Terra Nova Season Finale Scene

For as smart as Elizabeth is supposed to be, this was the first time she really did anything to prove her intelligence.  Her ruse on Weaver, which got him to give up Jim, was bright, hilarious, and moved the plot exactly where it needed to go.  It took 12 episodes, but Elizabeth finally did something worthwhile.

Unlike a number of the times that Terra Nova has attempt to pull at the heart strings of its viewers, the sweet moment between Zoe and Commander Taylor worked like gangbusters. It worked because it was an honest moment between two characters that we have had a chance to get to know over the season's run, and two characters that we've seen have a history (Zoe playing Taylor at the festival).

It didn't hurt that the girl's "If you need another hug, just ask" was the cutest darn thing I've ever seen.

As much as I've disliked Commander Taylor to this point in the series, the moments I have enjoyed him have all had to do with his relationship with Lucas, so when things looked like they were going to heat up between these two, I got excited. It was pretty obvious that Lucas was pulling a fast one on his dad with the "I'm sorry" bit, but that doesn't mean it wasn't interesting to watch.

Also, there was the added bonus of Lucas's new-found fake sister coming to Pops's rescue when Skye shot up Lucas. I'm just glad Luke managed to get away. Ashley Zukerman killed it again this week.

Finally, there was a bit of intrigue as the first season's story came to a close. Now that the portal and Hope Plaza have been destroyed, it seems like there will be no contact with anything other time period. Where did that figurehead come from?  Interesting.

As is true with most of my compliments of Terra Nova, you have to take this praise with a grain of salt. All of these positive moments didn't resonate nearly as well as they could have because of the problems Terra Nova has had in the past and in this episode itself.

If you've been reading my reviews throughout the season, you know my main problems with the show are the sub-par acting, the awful dialogue, and the series not being able to figure out what kind of show it is.

All of these issues were evident in "Occupation/Resistance" as were some of these weird, wacky things of note ...

The bad guys came to Terra Nova and put up the most evil looking flags and logos they possibly could.  

Throughout the year I have heard "klicks" more than anyone should ever have to in a lifetime. What was surely meant to give this world its own little details, just began to annoy me time after time after time. Are there no other units of measurement in 2149?

What a difficult job that woman we had never seen before had in disabling that bomb! She never saw that kind before but she thought she might be able to figure it out. Did you notice what she ended up doing? She cut every single wire. Wow! Brilliant!

The plan by the bad guys was just so elaborate. How many trips were they planning on taking? Was the reward worth the effort it was taking them to do all of that? And this Weaver guy was the right man to bring back? The guy shooting brachiosauruses for the heck of it? Jeez.

So there was some good and there was some bad in the Terra Nova season finale. This series definitely didn't turn out to be what I hoped it could be before the season started, but it also isn't completely dead. If there is a second season, I will continue to watch to see where this story goes.

What about all you TV Fanatics? What did you think of the Terra Nova season finale? Are you interested in seeing a second season of the FOX series? And did Jim Shannon prove that not only Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions?


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I loved this series. I thought it was engaging and interesting. The characters were good and the plot and story line, in my opinion, were great. I was always glad when Monday night rolled around so I could watch it. I would LOVE to see another season of Terra Nova. Please bring it back it can only go up from here!


I'd like to see another season. I'll agree that it could have been betterment, but the premise is good and I'm actually beginning to like the characters. Let's face it; we need Science Fiction showing in this country, and a show like TN can attract a younger viewer, so EVERYTHING they watch isn't an idiotic reality show, or cop/cop precedural. It also stimulates their imagination.


I personally liked the show because I have become dis-interested in TV because I am SICK or the so called "reality" TV, please that is not surviving it is a game show. I hope it does continue so we can see other plots and how they handle it, as for the show it kind of reminds me to the old show "Land of the Lost" but need more Dino's. It is a sci-fi and try not to take it serious and just enjoy the entertainment factor which I found. If this could really happen then it would be reality TV and on MTV. Lighten up people and stop taking life so serious it is just a show to entertain, if you do not like then do not watch. And even if you hated the show who did not want to pound the PI## out of Lucas in the bar scene, it takes a big man to hold a teen so you can hit back. Tough Guy.


My comments: it's ok. I forget how the wormhole was initially discovered, but don't you think...if they got through then a ship from the 1800s could also get through? And maybe even others have come through at different points in our timeline (all those missing people/ships/planes from the Bermuda Triangle). We couldn't believe they killed off Kara and Lt. Washington. My thoughts for upcoming years....there are two types of people there: peaceful / farming and aggressive / mining [ok that is very simplified, but..] I see two societies emerging (think Time Machine)


Wow is Taylor's son is evil. His words are evil... his actions are evil... his bowel movements are evil... even the good in him is evil. He totally has the really evil guy role down! He does that whole "talking quietly and then exploding thing," that all good evil characters do. His character description on the web site has only one word to describe him -- EVIL! And yes it's in all caps with an exclamation point. I mean come on, you saw him. That's what he is. I mean when he threatens to get Shannon to talk by hurting his son... and then he doesn't? OMG that is evil. And how brave is Josh! Spilling Taylor's evil son's drink when he pours it? Once he gets over his petulant whining stage, he may turn into one of the greatest passive aggressive heros ever to be depicted on television! Speaking of heros, how brave was the mom? OMG! Again she used her super brilliance to give that guy a virus and save her hubby! I guess he never thought to simply grab the vials and force her to drink them since two were poisonous and then hold her in the room until she gave him the antidote. But then the evil men who run super evil, multi-billion dollar corporations with their own private armies aren't so smart. I admit to previously thinking everything about this show was really lame, but after seeing this episode I must admit that I have changed my mind... now I think this show is really, really lame. to all those who defend this show, I understand. I love sci fi too and understand the desire to have any sci fi - even terribly bad sci fi, on TV. But sci fi and good writing and characters are not mutually exclusive - only the producers and writers of this show think so.


This show has already established that it is heading in a similar direction as Lost did. The stories may be vastly different, but they have the same feeling in the beginning. A lot of mystery looming about. So, my guess is that the show will stay on just so it has a chance to unfold for all the viewers to see. Hopefully the writers of Terra Nova can really make something special over time though because the writing for Lost was terrible and none of the secret things that seemed so important actually meant anything. I'm bitter about Lost only in the sense that I'm hoping Terra Nova won't do the same thing, though, from what I've seen, I doubt it. This series has likable characters and a real scifi plotline, so you know that the story will make as much sense and be as creative as possible. The show is just starting and so it just needs time to grow


i admit this show may not be the best but it is interesting but my comment is more a review of the reviewer. I agree that the Zoe-Taylor scene was good and the dialogue issues....that's where my agreement ends. The comments about klicks is ridiculous! Show me a person that hasn't heard that term before and I'll show you someone that has no business reviewing tv/movies. The girl defusing the bomb has been on before. In fact, we just saw her questioned as a possible spy recently. What show is this guy watching? Complaining about how a bomb gets disarmed? How many times have we seen a scene like that through the years? Countless, yet he chose this show to pick at it when it's one of the biggest cliches in action film (just after the knockout hit to the back of the head that leaves someone unconscious for hours yet they survive without any actual damage lol) Overall I think this reviewer is lazy. With the obvious mistakes he himself has made in his reviews I can only assume his interests lie elsewhere and he isn't giving Terra Nova the attention it requires.


This is one of my favorite shows. I don't think there's any sub-par acting except in the actress that plays Elizabeth Shannon. In any case, I find each episode fascinating and don't need action every minute (though that's nice too) to be interesting to me. I liked the finale since I always wondered how they would handle it if they didn't have all that technology to fall back on. I hope we get to find out in season two. I'm a little thrown by the 18th century figurehead.


I dont understand why they were sending back the ship piece. Why waste a container with that when it had no value when the minerals were the valuable thing. Someone could just say when they returned that they found an old ship and there must be other ways of traveling. Also, wouldn't you think Shannon and the group would have checked out the container earlier before switching one with a dinosaur.


@Blake reread the review...he actually said the scene in the bar was nice. he even said that Josh's actions were admirable.

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