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In the TV Fanatic offices, we share Brandon’s open door policy. With that in mind, I feel it is my obligation, as a Christian man, to be straight with you about this week’s episode of Survivor, "Ticking Time Bomb."

It stunk.

Disappointingly, I don’t think it is going to get any better next week, either. If what seems to be the core trio of Coach, Albert and Sophie were not going to vote out Brandon this week, why would they do so next Wednesday?

The Family Prays

There’s no reason to do so. He’s not bright enough to see that he’s number-four in the alliance. Instead, they’ll send Rick home and then calmly vote out Brandon the following week.

Not only is Brandon blind to his place on the tribe, he wouldn’t be able to see the writing on the wall if someone tried to tell him all about it. Thus, it made little sense for Edna to try to talk to him to get some numbers on her side. Brandon would have ignored any warnings she presented and ran to Coach to tattle on Edna.

What is surprising is that Edna played one card, that of integrity. Predictably, it didn’t work. Edna spent a lot of the episode talking about how she felt duped, but kept trying to play in to the same bulls*** that was fed to her in the first place. 

It didn’t work for Cochran, why would it suddenly work for her? Because Brandon mouthed off at the challenge? Again, she keeps ignoring the elephant in the room: Upolu’s honor and integrity policy is a smokescreen. It’s designed to distract the players away from thinking about the game. 

In all likelihood, Edna’s fate was sealed when Cochran was voted off. But why not try to talk to Rick? Play the ‘tomorrow, you’re going to be in the same position as me’ and see if he can help you with the leg work. Yeah, okay, unlikely coming from Rick, I know, but why not try? She received next to nothing positive from Coach, Albert and Sophie.

The most interesting part of the episode was Sean Hantz, Brandon’s father, virtually joining the game. He’s the real mini-Russell Hantz and he went right to work once he got the chance. After assessing Brandon’s pathetic excuse for how he planned to play the game, Sean went straight to Coach and tried to bully him in to getting his son to the finals.

I loved it! Finally, someone stood up to Coach and Ozzy to take the spotlight in the game. Not only that, the way he did it went completely contrary to Coach’s honor and integrity Upolu tribe policy. He’s the type of personality the show has needed for the past two seasons. 

Speaking of Ozzy, how obnoxious was he when Cochran showed up at Redemption Island? Did you learn your lesson? Shut up, cocky punk. It was a good move for Cochran and I think he would do it again if the same scenario played out. How did Cochran handle it? In his typical demur style, virtually admitting that he made a mistake switching sides. I’d rather he just went in and told Ozzy to keep his mouth shut. Ozzy’s future was no better with Savaii either.

More from this episode:

  • For the life of me I cannot figure out what Coach is doing by thinking taking Ozzy to the finals is a good idea and then telling him about it. How is having Ozzy next to you beneficial? He's got at least four Savaii votes on the jury already.
  • The immunity challenge did not make for great television, but it’s an awesome game for a challenge. Everyone’s got a reasonable chance no matter their size.
  • Brandon tries to hide behind his transparency, which is ironic. He really does absolve anything he does by apologizing for it. The first time that’s reasonable. But the second time?
  • I wish CBS would save us the fake drama build up. Did anyone actually think Edna was going to be saved?
  • Some great quotes this week, particularly from Edna and Sophie.  Check ‘em out.

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Ticking Time Bomb Review

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