Sons of Anarchy Round Table: Destiny vs. Family

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Tara went all Gemma, Tig went rogue and Jax went... well, we're still not sure where Jax will go on Sons of Anarchy.

The first part of the season four finale left our Round Table panelists - Dan Forcella, Christine Orlando and Arlene Gonzalez - anxious for next week's conclusion. First, though, they take the following look back...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Dan: Gemma's plea to Jax, the manipulation of her son, that she hopes will lead to him killing Clay. It was so prominent that I couldn't help but think it was a nod to the past. Just as she's trying to manipulate Jax to kill the SAMCRO President now, she also manipulated Clay to kill then SAMCRO President John Teller back in the day. If true, it sets up Gemma to be the sympathetic big bad in seasons to come. Awesome.

Christine: Every scene Tara was in was more kick ass than the last. I loved when she pulled out the syringe and told Jax to kill Clay. She shocked both Jax and Gemma, then put Gemma on notice. It was perfect.

Arlene: Tig breaking down while visiting Clay in the hospital. I love Tig for a myriad of reasons and, while we've seen him cry in the past (that time he got high and weeped over a doll after Donna's death), we've never seen the true depth of his love for Clay. That scene certainly slammed it home. Close second? Jax' shower butt scene. Duh.

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More likely to take place: Jax kills Clay and becomes SAMCRO President, Jax kills Clay and leaves town with Tara, or Jax does not kill Clay?
Dan: There is no way the second choice happens. Jax ain't going anywhere. I'm going to predict - having faith in Kurt Sutter to be bold - that Jax kills Clay and becomes SAMCRO President. As much as I have loved Ron Perlman this season, Clay's character has run its course. There is no place for him in this world after all that he has done over the last few episodes. None.

Christine: I'm betting something interrupts Jax killing Clay. I don't know that that means Clay will live, though. Jax isn't the only one that would like to see him dead.  And as much as I'd like to see Jax, Tara and their boys ride off into the sunset I know that just isn't going to happen.

Arlene: As much as I would hope Jax kills Clay and becomes SAMCRO president, I can't see Sutter killing off Clay. Clay may be at an all-time "most hated" but SOA without Perlman just doesn't jibe. And I certainly can't see him coming back in flashback scenes or ghost form.

Tig going rogue: Stupid or admirable?
Dan: Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I don't care what love he was showing for his friend, he was starting a war. 

Christine: So stupid. Tig's such a loose cannon. He took all of his misplaced guilt and rage and killed some innocent girl and started a war. Just senseless.

Arlene: Oh Tiggy... typical. Flying off the handle looking for revenge. Can I say stupidly admirable? I kept shaking my head while watching that car scene and felt bad for Leroy. Poor guy. He didn't even do nuthin'.

Make one bold prediction about next week's finale.
Dan: Tara is the one who kills Clay.

Christine: I'd love to see Dan's prediction come true, but I'm still not sure Tara's capable of killing so coldly, even killing Clay who deserves it. Honestly, I have no idea what Kurt Sutter has planned for us next week. He's kept me guessing all season.

Arlene: Going out on a limb here but I predict that either the Irish or the Mexican cartel take down Clay. As far as either group is concerned, he's responsible for way too many f-ck-ups and will need to be eliminated. To them, it's just business not personal.

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