Psych Round Table: "In For a Penny"

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Welcome to a very special edition of the Psych Round Table!

Joining TV Fanatic critic Chandel Charles this week is the staff from Pineapple Radio, a podcast dedicated to this fun USA series. How do these panelists all feel about "In For a Penny," the episode that introduced William Shatner as Juliet's father? Find out now...


What was your favorite moment/quote from the episode?
Chandel: Probably the moment when Juliet confronted Frank outside the station. There was genuine emotion there that was heartbreaking but well played.

Jen C.: My favorite moment was between Juliet and Frank during the second stakeout. It was very touching.

Aki: I can't choose! It's a toss up between Shawn's Boston accent and Gus' Mr. Ed impersonation, along with Shatner/Roday chest bumps in the interrogation room.

Jen B.: The line that made me laugh out loud was Shawn’s, when he revealed that he never knew his little league coach was Henry: “That short-fused, balding guy was YOU??” Favorite moment: When I realized the episode was written by Todd Harthan, who’s been kidded in the past for leaving Juliet out of his episodes. Way to redeem yourself, man!

Saima: My favorite moment was at the beginning, when Shawn and Guys made that crack about the oxygen drought. I really love it when Shawn begins an "improv," and Gus unwaveringly follows through in a second.

Nicholas: My favorite quote was Shawn's nickname for Gus this week. "This is my partner, Engle Woods."

Helen: "I'm in the pound?!?" There are terrific emotional scenes in this episode, but this one is the perfect Psych example of combining the serious with great comedy.

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If you could get Juliet THE perfect gift, what would it be and why?
Chandel: Well, clearly I would get her a horse because she wanted one for her birthday and didn't get one. Now she can just have one which she keeps at a stable, courtesy of a much richer me.

Jen C.: I would get her a pineapple with Psych carved into it because it would always remind her of Shawn when he wasn't nearby.

Aki: An autographed Origins of the Green Spirit comic in mint condition... without the marshmallow sized nipples on the suit. This would not only bring out Jules' occasionally hidden geek side, but give her tons of bragging rights over Gus. DOUBLE WIN!

Jen B.: I would probably search eBay for some kind of Dumbo collectible, since we know she loved Dumbo as a child. Maybe something autographed by Disney. Definitely not a gift card – way too impersonal for her, and Shawn would just find a way to squander it on himself.

Saima: I would get her the ginormous ponies she wanted but Shawn couldn't get her. If a woman asks for something, usually it's a good idea to not go off book!

Nicholas: I think the perfect gift for Juliet would be a song because she seems like the kind of woman that doesn't need money or fancy things. Just something from the heart.

Helen: A bouncy castle is almost impossible to beat, but I think I'd get her roller skates. Cute ones.

Do you think Frank is a reformed man?
Chandel: I wish he was, for Juliet's sake. Then again, would he be Frank if he went straight? Probably not!

Jen C.: Hmmm, not really. He seems to still have the tendencies of a con man.

Aki: Not a chance. He's got way too many corners left to turn.

Jen B.: Is Pluto still considered a planet? No way. He’s a consummate con man, and knows how to be nothing else. He plays people for a living, which is why he liked Shawn. I think he saw “potential” to use him in the future. Perhaps we’ve not seen the last of him – muwhahaha!

Saima: I don't think Frank is fully reformed yet, but I think he well be eventually. One thing I know for certain is that reformed or not, he sure does love his daughter!

Nicholas: I think Frank wants to be a reformed man. Whether he is or not has yet to be seen.

Helen: I think he'd like to be, but I'll only believe it once he's been put to the test.

Which do you do first: open presents or eat cake and blow out the candles?
Chandel: I failed the denial-of-self-gratification class in elementary school, so I would definitely have to open presents first.

Jen C.: Okay, I always WANTED to open my presents first, but I always had to blow out the candles and eat my cake before doing so.

Aki: I am a selfish, greedy, terrible person and I open presents as soon as I get them. That wrapping so doesn't stand a chance.

Jen B.: You must be outta your damn mind! The birthday order is (1) song, (2) wish, (3) candles, (4) gifts, THEN (5) cake. I’ll accept no revisions or alterations. I’m sickened that you even asked that. You make me sick to my face.

Saima:I always eat cake first. It gives your guests something to do while you open presents. Otherwise, for me at least, it feels really awkward with everybody staring at you.

Nicholas: I eat cake and blow out the candles... then I eat more cake. Here's a little secret: I LOVE CAKE!

Helen:Presents! I'm not the patient type. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that my mom's birthday cakes were always kind of dry.

C. Charles is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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