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Wow I hadn't even thought of the theory that maybe Rumple was burying Graham's real heart. God, I wish that's true. I was CRUSHED (no pun intended) when I seen that evil b...witch squeeze like that. I love how this show made me fall even more in love with a character, become thoroughly invested in him,and his potential relationship with Emma and then break my heart by possibly killing him off all in one episode. A near impossible feat that they pulled off brilliantly. And Jamie Dornan is it? He truly, truly shined in this episode! I mean it's almost hard for any of the other characters to steal the spotlight from Snow and Charming because those two are brilliant as well but somehow the story of the Huntsman did. I was sucked into the vortex that is great writing from the very second the show started to the very bittersweet end!This was probably my favorite episode to date which is hard to say considering I loved last week's episode and some of the others! I know the creators are those from Lost but I was still shocked that they pulled a LOST and presumably killed off one of thier main characters that way. I was just recovering from Mary Margeret's heartbreak last week and then they threw this at us!


I think Regina is going to find a way to blame Emma for Graham's death. There will definitely be more catfights between the two. Mr. Gold is awesome. I love how even when he's gardening he is well done up in a suit.


I honestly wasn't sure if Regina remembered her life from Storybrooke. Sure, it's said at the beginning of the episode that she does, but with such a convoluted show, I won't take anything for granted. The same way, I'm not convinced she's the only one who remembers as, again, the preview suggests. Rumpel seems to at least have a pretty good idea of what's going on. Both are (untill Regina this episode) ambiguous characters in that aspect, giving us some clues but never really showing what they remember exactly.

I REALLY hope it's the huntsman's real heart Rumpel burried in the woods. At least, not some "gardening" (I think the only way Graham believed him was because of his confusion about the wolf thing at the time). This episode really made me want to know more about this character and it's future development.

Now that I'm sure Regina remembers her past life, I wonder why she adopted Henry. I guess she wanted to feel loved, and the love of your child is endless and eternal, but wouldn't it have been simpler to be impregnated by the sheriff? Also, we know for sure now that she deliberately named him after the father she killed. I hope we'll learn her thoughts and motives at some point.

I really wonder when that flute-like thing the Huntsman gave to Snow White will resurface in the series. I don't think anything is done randomly on this show, so I really wonder what they plan to do with it.

Can't wait for thos 4 weeks to go by!!!


I don't think Graham is dead. I agree with most that think Rumplestiltskin buried his heart in the woods.

Plus, I think that we'll see more of The Huntsman than we get to Red Riding Hood's background. Surely, they're not going to just debut another Hunter to save her from the Big Bad Wolf, right?

I'd also like to see him kill Bambi's mother... That would be an interesting twist!


I hope she eventually cuts a deal with rumpleskin, whatshisname, to bring Graham back, he was so cute and they were perfect for each other! I'll definitely miss the hottest guy on the show! solid ep though


I'm thinking the wolf's red and black eyes are a reference to chess... with an evil queen thrown in,for good measure!


Very strong episode and yes! I'm addicted to OUAT. I agree that it's like watching mini-movies every episode.
I finally can see Graham and Emma as a couple and I don't think the writers will just rip them.
Fingers crossed for January!


I agree with what some other people are saying, that Sheriff Graham is not gone.
1) It would be a terrible thing to do after this episode, what with the love story occurring, him remembering, and the audience attachment
2) Jamie Dornan (Sheriff Graham) is listed as doing 22 episodes for this season on IMDB


I really hope Graham isn't gone for good. I had finally fallen head over hills for Graham/Emma and I love (both of) his character(s). This episode was heart-breaking (pun intended). Can't wait for when OUAT returns.


I love this show so much! I'm holding onto hope that somehow Graham's not dead. Hopefully, Ol' Rumpelstiltskin hid his heart or can make a deal with Emma to bring him back.

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