Always Sunny Season 7 Round Table

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It's no secret our staff has some pretty big It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Fanatics.  But in took an amazing two part season seven finale for us to realize what we were sorely lacking in life: an Always Sunny round table.

Please join us in our inaugural round table as we discuss Ronald McDonalds, golden gods, and assign a 2011 Always Sunny MVP. 

1. What was your favorite moment/quote from either part of the High School Reunion?

Arlene G: Favorite moment? Dennis's complete mental freak out at not being treated like the king of the mountain top that he deemed himself to be in the part 2 season finale. Digging for his hidden tools in a fit of fury and then dancing like a methed-up addict during the choreographed George Michael "Freedom"-laced dance routine. Favorite quote? Dee's classic "I'm feeling very very lucky to have my asshole ripped in half like tissue paper by my father and his very good friends."

Dan F: Finding out Mac's real name when they first get to the reunion.  The build up over the past six years of not knowing his name made this an epic event.  Once we realized that they were going to reveal it, we still had a couple of minutes to let all of the names we could ever imagine it being run through our heads.  Not once did Ronald McDonald come up in my brain, and I can't think of a single name on this planet that would have been funnier.  It's a hilarious name even if it weren't the moniker of a certain giant red-afro wearing fast food mascot.

Dr. T: The last minute of part two when you see past the gangs delusional version of their dance and all that is left are the 5 of them sweaty and drunk in the middle of the dance floor.  Or Charlies wedgie, that was hysterical.

Eric H: I am the Golden God!  Favorite scene though?  Absolutely Charlie's wedgie.  Seeing the shape of that underwear may have scarred me for life, but damn did it leave me laughing.  Close second? Dennis bringing back the D.E.N.N.I.S. system.

Always Sunny Round Table

2. More surprising reveal...Mac's name is Ronald McDonald?  Or Dennis was never cool?

Arlene G: I love me some Dennis but I always sort of suspected he was a bit delusional. Mac's Ronald McDonald given name was hysterical. Especially since he gained so much (ahem) "mass" from obviously embibing in a lot of MickeyD's it seemed.

Dr. T: Dennis never having been cool.  Mac and the waitress's missing names had gone on so long I expected them to be really funny.   Dennis, however, was more shocking because even if he was never as cool as he had thought, it was still really funny seeing how wrong he was about everything and having to give another golden god speech.

Dan F: As great of a moment as the Ronald McDonald reveal was, I think the fact that Dennis was never cool was more surprising.  I thought Dennis was still cool now, so him not being cool in high school completely shattered my universe.  Am I not supposed to aspire to be exactly like Dennis anymore?  Am I supposed to emulate deuchers like Adriano and the shusher from "The Anti-Social Network?"

Eric H: I was almost a little disappointed with Dirty Ronny.  I know they had to do something ridiculous beginning with a Mc and all, but Ronald McDonald was a little too easy.  Dennis' reveal, however?  Amazing.  Confirmed my theory and made me love his character even more.  If that's possible.

3. What was the best episode of the season?

Arlene G: "The Anti-Social Network" killed me. The incessant shushing that drove Dennis mad, the caricature of the shushing man, the harassing shushing calls Dennis began to receive, Frank's Dr. Mantis Toboggan video for Paddy's? Oh man, best episode for me.

Dr. T: "Frank's Little Beauties."  This is a no brainer to me.  Every character got to be totally self-centered and the result was one of the creepiest episodes I can remember.  Plus, it had Frank getting "gruesome repairs" with makeup done by a mortician.

Dan F: A lot of great episodes this season, but I'm with Arlene on "The Anti-Social Network."  Charlie and Dennis being rude to the gin drink bartender, the caricature of the shusher on the dune buggy, and especially Mac's need to see the naked pictures of the fake Dylan Toback's fake girlfriend, combined for the best half hour of the season.

Eric H: I'm going to have to side with both the Doctor and Kaitlin Olson on this one.  There's really only one choice and it involves mocking one of the most ridiculous aspects of our society.

4. Who was Always Sunny's MVP of 2011?

Arlene G: Dennis. He MUST have his tools you know.

Dr. T: I agree with Arlene and have to go with Dennis.  He really seemed to come unraveled a lot more this season than usual.  As the seasons go on he is becoming more and more detached from reality and willing to give long speeches about his greatness every chance he gets.

Dan F: I would have said Dennis before the final three or four episodes, but Charlie made quite a run and took away the title for me.  Highlighted by his constant love of Adriano in both parts of High School reunion, Charlie Kelly had me laughing more than any other character this season.

Eric H: You'll rarely find a bigger Dennis fan than me, but I gotta give 2011 to Mac.  First off, look at Rob McElhenney's dedication to the craft.  Then look to his gut hanging out after Plan B's danceoff.  You have yourself a MVP.

5. Make a bold prediction for what kind of hi-jinx the gang gets into next year.

Arlene G: Mac returns as an anorexic; Charlie and the Waitress get hitched; Dee falls for Rickety Cricket in a fit of "Old Maid-itis"; Dennis develops a stutter; and Frank swears off whores. And hopefully Artemis is added as a recurring character!

Dan F: Dennis becomes a drag queen.  Boom.  Lock it up.

Dr. T: I think Dennis morphs into Frank 2.0 next season.  As I mentioned before Dennis is rapidly coming undone lately and he and Frank were together a lot this season.  As the Charlie/Frank story lines relax a little bit I think something is going to make Dennis snap next season (maybe Charlie gets married) and he is going to learn a lot about life on the fringe from good old Frank.

Eric H: I love the idea of a Dennis breakdown after the high school reunion.  But my bold prediction?  Besides the safe bet of even longer hair on Frank, I want to return to exploring the relationship of the greatest father-son duo ever.  We haven't seen a riveting game of nightcrawlers in years.  

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