Hart of Dixie Review: Teenagers & Tiaras

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For the record, all beauty pageants should feature at least one contestant who uses sock puppets as her talent. Come on, no offense to clogging, but who out there would not tune in for a serious sock puppet-off?!?

Sorry, Rose. But that's what lost you the title of Miss Cinnamon Cider.

A Sad Slow Dance

Sparkly dresses, Scarlett O'Hara-based monologues and a showdown between the pale and the short aside, "Hairdos and Holidays" was really all about Lemon and Hart of Dixie's attempt to make her more savory in the eyes of viewers. Did it succeed? In a word: Eh.

George's fiancee has major mother issues. I get that. It definitely serves to humanize her and to explain why she can get so crazed around town. Because her mom abandoned Bluebell, Lemon is intent on doing the exact opposite, on growing into the woman she always thought her mom had wanted to be. It's a sweet idea and it adds a layer to the character, no doubt.

But the details of Lemon's backstory were a bit sloppy and most definitely unoriginal. We've seen the storyline of a parent leaving one child and starting a new family somewhere else a million times before (Meredith's dad on Grey's Anatomy comes immediately to mind). It's also unclear exactly what George and Lemon's status was during the flashback. Lemon apologized for calling because George apparently told her not to when he was in New York... but he ended the chat by saying he loved her and would call her later.

Were they full-on together at the time? And, if so, I understand Lavon being the one in the immediate proximity... but why wouldn't Lemon open up to George about her mother soon after that? I know long distance can be difficult and I can maybe see Lemon having the misguided notion that she'd be burdening George while he's up north on business - but I keep going back to one fact: this is George Tucker! He's been presented as the kindest, most understanding character on television.

Does she really never talk to him about her mother? That seems hard to believe.

The entire arc felt a bit too obvious, like the writers slamming viewers on the head with the message: We will make you sympathize with Lemon Breeland this week and see why she has a connection to Lavon. I prefer my storytelling a bit more subtle, a bit less manipulative. I'm aware you're pulling those strings, producers, but the less I see of them the better.

Elsewhere, Rose and Zoe continued to make for an adorable paring, even when the latter was doing her best impression of Dina Lohan, stage-mothering Rose to death. The girl just wants to don her natural hairstyle and clog until her Frederick-loving heart is content! Give her a break! Zoe finally did, of course, as the episode ended with her letting go in more ways than one.

Have we finally seen the last of her inappropriate flirtations with George? Can Team Wade members really start to cheer? I have no idea why Zoe turned down a drink at the Rammer Jammer, except to continue to tease this relationship into 2012 when the show returns, but, hey, it's a start! Seriously, Z. You've gotta go out with a guy who makes a hilarious Shawshank Redemption joke ("Wade was here") after spending one night in jail.

What did everyone else think of the episode? And remember: we now update our Hart of Dixie music section on a weekly basis. Visit it now!


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okay HoD I LOVE THIS SHOW lol it is like the best ever and i cant wait for the next episode. But i think a few things need to change i think something needs to happen to george because i really dont like him he needs to leave to something. SO that then Lemon and be with the mayor and zoe can be with wade. I cannot believe that they are not together already like every episode i am waiting for something to happen between those two!! Wade is just adorable he is so cute and he definitley has a soft spot for Dr Hart...he would do ANYTHING for her :D so i think that Zoe needs to wake up and realise that she cannot be with George and get with Wade already!!!!!!!!! i hated it when in the episode when they had the heat wave and Zoe went to see Wade and then she didnt kiss him because it started to rain.... i was sooo annoyed and i dont thing wade looked to happy about it either!! anyways xxxxxxx


I literally got chills when Wade complimented (well, I guess you can say that) Zoe at the very end of this episode. Their chemistry is amazing and tho I see/get why Zoe might be attracted to George, there's something about Wade that's more attractive. It's a cliché really, G&Z. "Georges" always get the girl. Well, this time I really hope it'll be different and you can tell that Wade has a soft spot for our beloved dr. Hart. Good thing come to those who wait and I hope Wade will get his chance to show Zoe that he is not just a pretty face (and body) to look at.


I think Wade has unplumbed depths. He is so sweet and adorable. I think Zoe's been using him though. She has this crush on George, but when Zoe's scared or needs help, it's Wade she turns to. Granted, she doesn't turn to George because he's engaged, but I think she hadn't accepted that Wade wasn't just convenient yet. I think when he asked to buy her a drink and she said she needed a raincheck instead of just saying no was the beginning of her realizing that Wade was more than someone to hook up with. Since Zoe's not a hook up kind of girl, I think she's going to have to have a little more solid proof that Wade is more than he appears on the surface. I think Zoe fixated on George because he was the first person she saw and he could talk New York with her. George is kind of a jerk though if you think about it. Yes, he's being nice in spite of Lemon's objection, but flirting isn't nice when you're engaged to someone else. I loved Wade yelling at him in the jail to back off unless he was ready to break up with Lemon. I hope they don't cancel this show. I'm feeling invested in these relationships and that hasn't happened for me in a very long time.


I don't think their lack of common interesst is an argument against Zoe/Wade. Having things in common is overrated. My parents don't have any common interests and they've been together almost 30 years. Their personalities are compatible in other ways. I think it's about what works for people. Some couples have a lot of common interests, some don't. Plus, do George and Zoe really have anything in common besides the fact that they are both have ties to NY and are professionals? I don't think that means they'd have a better chance of working. And I don't agree that there's only sexual attraction bettween Zoe/Wade either. I think she likes him but has been fixated on George thus far, and really hasn't admitted it to herself. And Wade definitely has feelings for Zoe that go beyond physical. He just brushed them off before.


@ Kim Well, they say opposites attract. You don't have to have everything in common with the person you are dating, that is what would be boring. Every time Zoe and Wade have a scene together they always find something to talk about. I just love them.


You know what the whole Wade/Zoe/George triangle reminds me of.....'The Notebook'.


Okay, I watched it with the closed caption on and she did say "little angel", but toward the beginning Lemon told Lavon that her mother always called Lemon her "little angel". Closed captioning also reminded me that Lemon's mom is named Alice so off to add that to the mental list of things no one will ever ask me about LOL Alice is definitely got something wrong with her though. Some of the close she left for Lemon were from the 40s and a woman having babies in the 80s (I'm guessing) would not have had adult clothing from the 40s. Read an interview with Cress Williams and George will find out about Lemon and Lavon. I cannot wait for January!


Also, did anyone notice that Lemon was wearing her engagement in the back flashes with Lavon? Or am I crazy? LOVE this show!!!!!!!


Kim - I actually thought I heard her mom say "Magnolia" not "Lemon Meringue Pie" but I definitely think you are on to something that there is something not quite right with her mom maybe.


As a matter of fact, we know Lemon wears her mother's clothes. The parade episode, Lemon looks at a picture of her and her mother and Lemon is wearing the same dress in the parade as her mother had on in the picture.

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