Grimm Review: A Rat Rave

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After what feels like months off the air, Grimm gave us  "Danse Macabre" this week, which brought the Pied Piper into the picture. And, while it was awesome to see this original, deadmau5-esque take, I was left, once again, wanting more.

However, there was some improvement from “Lonelyhearts," in that there was less sprinkling of overarching plot and a much greater effort in working the overall story go forward. Even if that means it has to involve the forever boring Juliette.

Grimm Character

It’s only a matter of time until someone begins to wonder if Nick is something more than what he seems, and although Juliette doesn’t feel like the ideal person to do so, it does give her something to do. On top of that, I’m not completely convinced she’s going to piece everything together. Nick could easily keep the wool over her eyes with an easy excuse. It’s not a very hard thing to do; Nick’s word (someone she trusts) versus the eccentric plumber. It’s not a difficult decision.

No, if I were a betting man, my money would be heading towards Hank. It’s no coincidence he crossed paths with Adalind again. It’s also no coincidence we were shown a quick shot of Captain Renard watching the two of them on their walk to the dinner date. They’re exploiting Hank’s lonely heart, and it won’t take long for Adalind to play Hank like a fiddle to get information about Nick, or plant ideas in his head.

As for Eddie, once again I was left wanting more of him. To be perfectly honest, though, he really wasn’t needed this time, and he even admitted it to Nick. He wasn’t needed for information, nor comedy, but rather just as a talking piece. It was great watching him do something a little more dramatic, helping the kid out, but it was mostly inconsequential stuff.

Except for “our lives collide in the most bizarre ways.” I’m not exactly sure what Grimm is foreshadowing with this, but the eerie music and delivery set off my Lost sensors.

As for the actual case, the death of the music teacher felt like a direct rip from the Bones playbook, which are always fantastic and disgusting. Other than that, the kids weren’t very compelling, just the stereotypical rich kids bullying the poor kid who happens to have more talent than them.

Overall, I’m happy Grimm is beginning to set up some payoffs for the overall plot, though it’s also a little disappointing that some characters are still getting better service than others. Still, it’s a fun hour of television, and that’s what the goal is, right?

Other thoughts

  • So far all I know about Sergeant Wu: Likes to drink, likes steak, and lover of cheesy one-liners.
  • No trailer or book reading this week. I’m not going to lie, I missed them a little bit.
  • Less ice, more ice cream is my motto on smoothies.

Danse Macabre Review

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Grimm Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Wu: I guess they're gonna have to face the music.
Hank: Really? You went there?
Wu: Somebody had to.

It's funny if you knew it was there.