Grey's Anatomy Return Promo: You Haven't Told Her?

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Grey's Anatomy returns a week from Thursday with an all-new episode, and the emotional stakes will be raised once again with Teddy still in the dark about Henry. Who will tell her and when? How will she react?

Meanwhile, the body count may be rising as a severe car crash involving an entire family results in an all-hands-on-deck situation in the ER, leaving the eldest daughter to make the toughest decision of her life.

Lexie finds herself working alongside Mark's new girlfriend, Julia, during an eye surgery, setting up exchanges that should be awkward to say the least (see our photo gallery for images of Mark and his new love).

As Teddy calls upon Cristina to help with her patient in the O.R., one wonders if she will learn about her husband's tragic demise under the worst possible circumstances. You can almost feel the tension in the air.

How do you predict this will play out? Watch ABC's first promo for "Suddenly" and comment below:

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OMG I'm so heartbroken for Teddy and this will be one of the hardest things for Cristina to do. On a different note, Owen is a MORON!!! After his blatant lying to Teddy about Henry, he sends Cristina to tell Teddy the truth??? The man needs to grow a pair and confront Teddy himself. He's supposed to be her best friend and he needs to start acting like one. I hope Teddy never speaks to him again.


No dream, unfortunately Henry is dead, for Owen not to tell one of his best friends is a cruel blow, I guess maybe this is a catalast for more tension between Cris and Owen. Agree with @Suzanne Owen needs to grow a pair if he has left it to Cristina because he can't face Teddy. Also hope Alex and the baby are all ok, as no sneak photos of them, looks like Mer is ok thank god. Would also like to see Der/Mer have a moment when she get's back to the hospital as when epi 9 finished Der was thinking the worst. That photo of Derek still has me stumped, who is he looking at? I'm guessing Lexi but it could also be Cristina. Alright bring on the new year.


Poor Teddy :'( this is going to crush her!!
Poor Christina too, how can they do this to her?


You have got to be joking! How cruel is that, getting Christina to tell Teddy! I cannot stand Owen now, that's pathetic! Grow a pair of balls and tell your best friend her husband just died instead of getting someone else to do it for you! Hasn't your wife been through enough?!!
Cannot wait to see Mer and Alex out in the storm. Keep that baby alive guys!


It is not a dream. Henry is now on True Blood, which is why he was killed off of the show.


how can they make christina tell Teddy about Henry! that is cruel, and makes it so hard. Shonda stop torturing her.
can't wait for mer and alex kick some major surgical ass in the storm. :D


i,am hope that it was a bad dream that christina fell asleep and killer herny in her dream i like herny i do not went to see him leave the show he is good for teddy. so please make it a bad dream, afan always dora

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