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my theory is that blair promises god that she will marry the father of her son/daughter if he lets chuck live. but in the wedding day (somehow blair has lost her baby for then), someone says that the father of the baby is actually chuck (i think that person is definitely georgina), so she runaways.
another posibility is that the grimaldi make blair marry louis and they threaten her or something...

chuck is not gonna die! but i wouln't like him to have amnesia T_T he has already suffered too much...

i'm intriged about jack's and diana's appearance and also confused.. in the third season it was told who was chuck's mother... and what if both of them are chuck's parents? i know it's crazy lol

in my opinion chace is a great actors and he deserves interesting storylines. in this episode he was great!

poor serena! she really is in love with dan! i don't like how dan has treated her in the last seasons

a have a teory about gg's identity... i think gg is dan! have you seen his face when serena said gg was responsible of the accident and when serena and nate decided to take her down (that is going to be interesting!). well baut if dan isnt gg i think it must be a boy not a girl

pd: i love chair (don't you think they were so cute while the were planning their future? it seemed that they already were a family) and i love dair frienship as well as duck! they're so funny


I wanna say that I think Dan's "the man" and still be a huge Chair shipper! I started to like Dan this and last season. I thought he was a righteous and bigoted cry baby before, so the thought of him falling for Blair seems endearing to me!
As long as Blair stays in character and doesn't fall for him I'm perfectly fine :)
I appreciate Dan's efforts to make Blair happy. It was a kind and selfless thing to do and there is nothing to badmouth. Btw: Chuck's "letting go" was also selfless and meant well. It just wasn't right^^...that's the difference! But I admit that at the time it was maybe kinda right :) (I know this sounds silly but I think you get what I mean.)
So I hope Dan will find his happiness, he won't find it with Blair though. I and also Dan (I might add) agree on this I think. He even said it outside his role. Blair might be Dan's soulmate but sure as hell this isn't a mutual feeling!


The only thing i did not like was the limo chasing seen... other than that great show typical gossip girl fashion, I have to say the part in the limo about how they were talking about where to raise the baby and how Chuck said he was going with her to tell louie was really great! It showed them HAPPY and at peace with each other and wanting to be together,awww for that few minutes they were both just so happy.


i find something slightly off about how blair confessed her love for chuck in the limo, when she was engaged and about to marry louis. i know their were chair scenes before and during Blouis' relationship which just shows that Blair still isn't mature enough to have an honest relationship, but suddenly she was trying to get louis on the right track and started snogging chuck and then wanted to elope? / run away together? this is just really crap writing. i would rather have her end it with louis at the party after he sabotaged her and then she could have talked to chuck and chose chuck or dan or stayed single! i'm so surprised that blair now has three guys to choose from!! and S has none - because she's a B*&%^ but come on, the story lines are beyond pathetic and the car crash - everyone saw coming. i'm disappointed the writers may not continue the baby storyline - chair with a baby would have been wonderful! espec now since chuck i think is right up there wth dan, being amazing !! nate needs something more exciting happening and the only OMG moment was diana's secret which i presume many fans have already guessed: she's chuck's mum - i feel sorry for lily if this is the case. because i LOVE CHILLY. @David of course, Jenny was awesome!! before they ruined her character of course, she and nate were my fav, and i loved jenny/dan moments.


I can't wait to find out how is Diana related to Chuck and Jack Bass. . .I'm not worried with Chuck cause he'll definitely survive of course, w/o the amnesia, I hope. Blair and Louis wedding will push through because of guilt but then B realized she can't live without Chuck. .Chair forever. . cross fingers. .


"you act as if all dair fans are angels"

As it happens I said nothing whatsoever about Dair fans, but yes, maybe that's because they tend to serve up fewer annoying squeals of "MOST EPIC REUNION EVAR!!!!" Maybe if the Chair romance wasn't such a feeble imitation of bad soap opera, no one would lose count of the many reunions or hope for a particularly substantial one.

Even those darn pink peonies are being wretchedly abused these days. Is nothing sacred, people? It was a long, unforgiving journey from the tender, steamy subtleties of the Season 1 limo to this week's crassly constructed parody of a real, tragic death. Between the producers and the fanbase, how can we stand to watch this sordid dance between the shameless and the senseless? I care because once upon a time it was a great show. Sigh!


"Personally, I can analyze just the actions themselves and separate everything else going on because it is the type of mind I have."

The precise, objective workings of your highly analytical mind suggest to me that you should be a lawyer, if you're not one already. Cheers!


1. dorota in general, the polish, her words of wisdom everything. I love her!
2. i likes the season kinda. too much chivy, too much diana, too much blouis, wayyyy to much of serena going "shoot i love dan AGAIN, and he's a supposedly good guy who cheated on me twice!" not enough cyrus, or serena and nate. werent they supposed to be besties?! i loved the first episode though!
3. both i totes predicted it. but i was a little sad that it was such an obvi copout. even though i didnt want blair to have the baby cuz i just cant see queen b as a teen mom
4. well im biased and dont like dan very much this season so def. Nate plus he is just soooo hot!
5. they were all not that shocking but what tripp did was just wrong! i mean how could he attempt to hurt/kill his beautiful god of a cousin?
6.i think they are related somehow like siblings or siblings in law.
7. i think nate and serena will comfort each other and get back together. ok maybe not exactly but i do think that they will at least become really close because of everything that is happening. i hope that serena stops going after dan cuz A)he doesnt love her anymore, B)they're related, C) nate is way better for her(he never cheated on her), and D) i think this season should be more NJBC focused anyway. blair will lose the baby and not marry louis.


I love that you referred to Sandy and Kiersten. This wreck reminds me SO much of when Marissa died. Poor Ryan! Glad it's not (hopefully) gonna pan out the same, because noone is as "smart" as Mischa who is only doing commercials now. xoxo


Did any1 else notice Blair started to care about the baby when Chuck said he would love it as his own. Before she didn't seem to acknowledge the baby. seems to me she didn't care since it was Louis'.

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