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And it WAS abuse that happen between Blair & Chuck last season, just shut the fuck up about it. Her panic stricken face and that she run fast away from there says it all. I don't give a damn what the writters and producers said or wrote after that, I have eyes and common sense to see what happened.


if this were a chick flick with a plot from this season and half of last season, we would all be cheering for Dan & Blair and no one can deny that fact. So Blair & Dan will happen next year, so just deal with it.



Applause! well said.



Realistic or not, I don't want Chuck& Blair and Dan& Serena.
I'm not stuck in 2007.
I want more from the shows I watch- good writing and quality.
You may be content with soaps and telenovelas as you repeatedly mention in your comments but I expect more.
So please, don't use 'WE' when you mean "I".
Thank you.


Diana said "don't thank me" because she meant thank Nate for her being cooperative


I'm tired of this abuse claim, for the last time he wasn't trying to hit her or rape her in 4x20. As for the emotial rollercoaster between the 2 of them, both have been participant in it, of course Chuck was worst, nobody can deny it. The thing is, they both share a darknest that usually allows them to comprehend where the other was comming from, and when they can't there is still the strength of the love that bonds them. In the cases where actions were beyond comprehension, which was the case of Chuck's worst acts, his POV and apology were necessary and long overdue. Some may feel the love is tainted by all this, but not all of us feel that way, and they certainly don't feel that way. We can clearly see they are not bad people per se, they have good and bad inside of them, and pretend otherwise is ridiculous.

I agree in real life this would be far more troublesome, then again I doubt there is a person in real life that has gone through everything these 2 have gone through. But then again, many of us don't watch this show looking for characters that portray real life situations. Otherwise we would be watching other shows. This show never claimed to be realistic, is true is has gone overboard with the hightened reality thing but overall is still true we want to see certain results at the end of the show and that doesn't mean we would pursue such results in real life for ourselves or that we would encourage that kind of behaviour in real life. So at the end of the day we want Chuck with Blair and Dan with Serena, is not like this is a reality show. It seems there is people that can't comprehend that simple concept.


Dorota said in Polish : " Uciekaj stąd ! Ty ! Co sobie wyobrażasz ?! Idź stąd ! Ja Ci dam ! Ja Ci dam ! Zobaczysz ! " - which in Polish means : " Get out of here ! You ! What do you think ?! Go away ! I will show ! I will show you ! You will see ! "


I've got $10 on Louis sneaking into Chuck's hospital room to try to snuff him out via pillow, drug overdose, or unplugging his machines.


[quote]If Derena are truly endgame (which i think they are) my theory is that Rufus or Lilly will die...as much as i love them so much, the writers will probably go for that with the drama. maybe a good (but EXTREMELY sad) storyline would be Rufus having cancer and his advice to Dan being that Serena was always meant for him? DUNNN HATE, ONLY AN IDEA :s I LOVE RUFUSSSSSSSS[/quote]

first: rufly will not die. they are the mainparents and a important part from the tv show. and matt and kelly have no plans to leaving the show. and the writer love both too. so its answered.
and second: rufus is not a dan and serena lover. he is more the dan and blair lover now.

but i think lily is still team dan and serena..
so it could become interesting lol


@kay, well said.

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