Gossip Girl Round Table: "Riding in Town Cars With Boys"

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Welcome to our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panel breaks down the midseason finale (see our official review from last night) of our favorite show in even greater detail.

Below, TVF CEO Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy) and managing editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) join writers Courtney Morrison and Leigh Raines to discuss "Riding in Town Cars With Boys."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote from the episode?

Courtney:If we are going by a quote, then it's Chuck with "These stories are invented to sell papers to women who collect ceramic cats." Cracked up at this because you know there are tons of old ladies reading those celebrity gossip papers with the most unrealistic stories. If we are going by exchange, then hands down Blair and Chuck in the back room of Chivy's party. Runner up: Lily and Chuck. 

Leigh: With so much emotional dialogue, I need to inject some humor into this whole situation. Chuck about Nate's rejection of Bloomberg. "That's a bold move Nathaniel, I'm almost aroused." Classic bromance.

Steve: Lily telling Chuck she loves him like her own son. Definitely got a little dusty in here. I also loved Dan and Serena's passive-aggressive bickering at the breakfast table, and everything Dair - not the romance some fans wanted, but it was great seeing her come to Brooklyn.

Eric: Going to give it up to Dorota. As much as I want to credit her screaming in Polish at the paparazzi, I can't possibly begin to translate. So in second place, I loved her magic spell to win Louis back. Take note Secret Circle. You may have to invite Dorota to join.

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2. What was your general take on the midseason finale, and the first half of Season 5?

Courtney: There were some bumps in the road of Season 5 so far, but the past several episodes are making up for that. Blair's friendship with Dan has been a highlight, her relationship with Louis... not so much. I am over the character and the story. Time to get rid of Louis after the wedding that hopefully will never take place. The Chivy arc has been front and center and the only time it is enjoyable is with Nate in the picture. The midseason finale was slow to start and even predictable, but it was definitely enjoyable. The Chair moments, the Dair moments, even Rufus got a small piece of a story. My biggest issue with the season so far is Blair's wardrobe. I understand she is pregnant and trying to hide a baby bump. But that does not mean she needs to wear hidious frumpy frocks. Queen B is too good for that.

Leigh: Last night was just too emotional even though I expected it. I also had a visceral reaction to Ivy and Max. I hope that Eric's prediction for the second half of Season 5 is on point. I feel like the NJBC + Dan is making a comeback, as evidenced by Serena, Nate and Dan vowing to go up against Gossip Girl. I think the writers are doing a good job at keeping up the suspense, but despite the first few episodes of the season, this show has just gotten majorly depressing.

Steve: I've generally enjoyed this season. There have been plenty of minor complaints I've touched on in reviews over the last 10 weeks, but for the most part I've been invested in the storylines and entertained by the characters. This royal wedding / 100th episode spectacular had better live up to the hype.

Eric: Season 5 started off strong with the royal wedding and Inside, but then at some point became the Diana and Chivy show. I think Max's desperate attempts to tell anyone who would listen exemplifies how desperate the storyline became in general. I'm positive Chair fans will enjoy the second half of Season 5. Throw in some Derena and a little Spectator war against Gossip Girl and we might finish strong.

3. The car crash: Cliffhanging shocker or predictable copout?

Courtney: Both. I expected Blair to be the one seriously injured, not Chuck. But it is definitely a cop out on the baby situation.

Leigh: Copout. I don't think they needed to go the Princess Diana route. I get why they did it, but it wasn't in good taste. And since we know Chuck is going to live, are they really going to go the amnesia route? Come on. How many near death experiences does the kid need to have?

Steve: It really is both. Such a cheap way out in that Blair's pregnancy will simply go away, and that we know Chuck won't die. But definitely a surprise in that Ivy, Trip, Max, Diana and Jack were or will now become involved in the crash and its aftermath. That was woven together surprisingly well.

Eric: Copout. I get that it's supposed to mimic the paparazzi and Prince Diana, but come on, do you really need to force anything more between at Chair at this point for the sake of a cliffhanger? Why don't you pick on some other characters sometime.

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4. Dan or Nate: Who was more The Man this week?

Courtney: Can I be a total girl about it and pick both? Dan is a selfless, loyal friend to Blair which in return makes him The Man. But Nate has morals: he never sent in a blast to GG, he is always telling the truth, he looks out for his friends. Therefore, The Man. But... if I'm picking one, The Man this week is most definitely Lonely Boy. Who said chivalry is dead?

Leigh: Both Dan and Nate were major studs this week. Nate's progression into this suit wearing, strong guy with good morals, makes him even harder to resist. BUT Dan was just... incredible and selfless and caring and wonderful this week. Should I keep gushing?

Steve: I expect Dan to be The Man. Dan the Man, it even rhymes. So Nate gets my vote after this week and last. To steal the Grandfather's line, we've always loved him, but now we respect him too.

Eric: Obvs, Lonely Boy. Nothing says love like putting someone else's happiness ahead of your own. Besides, I'm pretty sure the Chair fans would kill me if I picked any other option.

5. Most surprising side plot: Chivy outing herself, Trip turning on his famous family, or Lily and Rufus having meaningful dialogue?

Courtney: Lily and Rufus used to have meaningful dialogue in earlier seasons, and Trip turning on his famous family doesn't really surprise me... there is always one in every family. So I am going with Chivy outing herself. We got teased with Diana outing her, then Max telling her family, then telling Nate. And in just 5 seconds, she ratted herself out. Most surprising? It was to Rufus.

Leigh: All three were surprising, but Tripp having Max cut the brakes to the car was insane. He's actually that desperate that he would risk killing his cousin? That's scary and psychotic.

Steve: Definitely Trip. Chives' guilt was nearing critical mass for awhile, so it made sense that indirectly causing the accident made her spill the beans. We all know Rufus and Lily can be strong supporting characters if given the chance. Trip, though? Who saw him playing such a scandalous role in all this!?

Eric: Welcome back Lily and Rufus! Now I remember why you're the only parents that stuck around as cast members. You're so the Kirsten and Sandy Cohen of Gossip Girl when you want to be. Speaking of sticking around as cast members, does this mean we can say goodbye to the Chivy show?

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6. How the heck do Jack and Diana know each other?

Courtney: I am going with the idea that Diana is related to the Bassholes somehow. Maybe Chuck's mother's sister? Who knows but whenever Jack comes to play, you know it's about to get scandalous. Plus, Chuck is really the only one Diana hasn't interacted with one on one. Hmmm ...

Leigh: Diana is a Bass. She will have to donate blood to save Chuck. But why did she say that Jack shouldn't thank her? That was the part I couldn't crack.

Steve: Wow, good call Leigh. Let me know when you crack the rest!

Eric: I can't keep saying / predicting it anymore. Diana is clearly related to the Bassholes. I'm think I may want to revise my answer of the real mom and copy Courtney's aunt guess. Either way, daaaamn that family has some good looks.

7. Share your predictions for the January 16 return.

Courtney: Blair will be okay, baby will not. Chuck will be touch and go until he wakes up looking for Blair. Louis is going to be angry that she was with Chuck in the car. It will be about halfway through until someone notices Chivy is gone and then Rufus will spill the beans. Dan will be by Blair's bedside and Nate will look extremely hot in a three-piece suit. Hopefully this will mark the return of Jack Bass.

Leigh: Chuck will live, but possibly have amnesia. Maybe Blair goes nuts out of guilt? I'm thinking maybe the Grimaldi family blackmails Blair into going through with her wedding to Louis. Let's get some old school GG back up in here!

Steve: Dan will be there for Blair and Chuck, and Serena will be there for Dan. Chuck will have near-death experience flashbacks and epiphanies. Nate will begin waging war against Gossip Girl. Louis will be boring. Max will call Ivy long distance and refer to her as white trash.

Eric: I'm going to pick the most obvious prediction: Chuck survives. And I really hope the writers don't bring back that whole amnesia thing from his gunshot wound. Or just repeat my guess of last week that Blair loses the baby. That's still on the table.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


It's under 'New set video DAIR?'


Alright, alright no need to be mean.
Hey, have you guys seen the "Diamonds are a girls best friend" musical Serena dream in spoilers section? Worth a look!


pty needs a life.


@pty So what you're saying is that you've wasted years of your life infront of the TV screen and apparently this has earned you some sort of diploma in understanding TV shows better?
You know what they say, TV makes you stupid. Also, Justin Bieber trends all the time. It doesn't make his music any less shit.
Trending may indicate popularity but surely not quality. The writers need to give the audience what they need as opposed to what they want. That's why they have professional writers writing the show in the first place instead of, say, you and I. So what if you found random people of all age groups around the globe who support chair?
I have found random people of all age groups around the globe who support Dair. Sorry pty, Ive seen you here for a long while and you are always respectful and polite but your arguments are becoming desperate and illogical. Love chair as much as you like but understand that many also love Dair and that that is just as legitimate.


1. 'You cant be princess unless marry prince.' Too true. 2.My general take was that the finale was in bad taste and a soap opera cliche. Princess Diana car crash plot devices, bad taste. Chair reunion? Are you kidding me right now? The whole season Blair has been acting like a flighty, bratty child on steroids. No wonder Louis is losing his mind. The first half of the season hasnt been good for her. The writer need to stop shoving silly soap opera devices at us and start writing better plot lines. 3. Copout. They were trying to get rid of the baby and add another stupid dramatic milestone in the neverending saga that is ChucknBlair. He almost died already, try something new. 4.DAN IS THE MAN. He continued to stand up to Serena, who convienently remembered he was the love of he life all over suddenly. He listened to Blair whine about Louis and Chuck even if it was hurting him. Kept his feelings inside and helped the 'epic'(stil hate that word) couple stop there games and get together. Not forgetting the fact that hed be willing to raise a baby with Blair even if it isnt his. The woman he loves needed him and he was there unconditionally. DAN IS THE MAN! x 1000 5. Chivy. Whats the point of hiding it, just to blurt it out in the end? 6. Chuck's mother. Or the only woman Jack/Bart ever loved. 7. More soap drama. Chuck is either going to have retrograde amnesia or be touch and go. Either way eloping is on hold. Blair will either vow to let him go, if the big man upstairs lets him live. Or promise to marry Louis. Louis will accept everything at face value, so long as blair agrees to body guards and not seeing chuck again. Dan will continue being the man and not only sticking by Blairs side, but Chucks as well. Probably coaxing Chuck to wake up and make Blair happy again (rolling my eyes). Serena will continue her pining of Dan and reconnect with him as they try taking down GG. Nate will unraval a plot to take him out, becoz hes not just beauty anymore. He will also be the one to find out about Chivys hand in the accident. Georgie wil crash the wedding and drop a massive bombshell. In all this I just hope the dont drown us in there Reuse. Reduce. Recycle soap story lines.


Has anyone else seen the leaked footage of the dance sequence in the wedding? It's pretty funny!!! xD


@pty as someone that knows/partied w/ a few folks that work at twitter...it's not *that* hard to get something to trend. we had a celebration we were able to get trending a few months ago. talking to people all over the world about a pairing like Chair is amazing. they have 4-5 years of story lines dedicated to them. i wouldn't expect anything less. i don't think the writers would've kept them together if Chair didn't have that kind of fan base. as a former Chair and now Dair but still sometimes Chair fan, I can say that I want Dair to have a chance. that's all. Chair has gotten 5 seasons (good/bad but they've always been entangled) I'd like to have just one season of romantic Dair. i don't' think that's asking a lot. especially since the writing is on the wall that Chair is endgame.


@ kay i love your post! though I disagree w/ some points (I LOVED the Chivy storyline and since the beginning of the show, imagined something like this would happen to someone's family). the glamour of the UES has slowly faded. the show is stuck. what i love about the beginning of shows is that they have all the freedom to explore and follow through on story lines. But as shows like GG get older, they become stuck in a rut where they barely venture out of their comfort zone. prime example: i hate what they did to Vanessa's character. Though I disliked her, I thought they wasted her potential after they paired her with Dan. She needed to have a tie to the UES OUTSIDE of Dan and Jenny, to either Blair, Chuck, Serena, or Nate. I could have EASILY seen a deep love between her and Nate b/c I thought they had cute chemistry when they were together. Smart girl, not so smart but rich guy...etc. I always thought the non-1%ers aka the average folk hanging out with the super rich was an amazing dynamic within itself to explore and would always make for dramatic and comedic interactions. Instead the average folk either disappeared or became part of the rich group. When Dan took Blair to her first college party and threw off her headband, I thought that was hilarious. Blair had to mingle with people she wasn't comfortable with. As for the couples: they should've given Chair and Serena/Dan a break after S3 and done Chuck/Georgina (THAT would've been entertaining), Dan/Blair, Nate/Vanessa, and Serena with a Prince (since I have yet to see her date someone from her world. i don't count Nate/Carter). ...Wasted possibilities.


If you guys are sooooooo right, why Chuck and Blair trended worldwide on Twitter after the last episode, uh? And I said "we" because I'm not alone in this. I speak with Chuck and Blair fans from Greece to California. And I've been watching TV since I was 4, I was watching Dallas and Remington Steele when I was 5, Hunter when I was 6, McGiver when I was 7, Matlock when I was 8, the Silence of the Lambs, Predator 2, Dangerous Liasons and The Fabulous Baker Boys when I was 10, Cyrano de Bergerac, JFK, The Bodyguard and Terminator 2 when I was 11, Chicago Hope and The Nanny when I was 12, E.R. and Friends when I was 13, so you can't come and preach to me about quality TV, I know Gossip Girl is having a downfall. If CB fans are so alone in this, how come we have the backup of recapers like the ones from the WSJ, NY Magazine, tv recapers anonymous and no white noise? How come we see youtube videos where 10 year old girls mock the writers and ask for CB? How come we have 49 year old women writing in favor of CB? Mothers telling their daughters they prefer CB? A women who feels so much more attracted towards Penn Badgley than the other GG guys that dates a guy named Dan, and yet she prefers CB? This is the kind of self rightgeous talk and prue attitude that gives Dair fans a bad name and makes people hate on Dan, who has no fault whatsoever and was wonderful towards CB this week.


If you think it wasn't abuse at all, try Twitter because from the last time I checked GGWriters tweeted about forgiving someone's act. Why do they have to spill the beans now? You know what, go on defend your ship. Because even then you're blinded by truth. And plus, 'it isn't reality show' is a lame excuse. Is that all you have? Hah. Sorry its a cheap shot.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Lily: Just because Carol made a mockery of her own debut does not mean Charlie should be cheated out of the experience.
Rufus: Yeah, she hired Karen Finley to go in her place and when Carol's name was called, Karen walks out wearing nothing but chocolate and a pillbox hat.
Lily: Now I'm a Karen Finley fan, but it was a bit much. We were barred from the Plaza for years.

Apologies have been made and the security breach fixed. But two weeks later, still not one tip. Apparently no on can hold a grudge like an Upper East Sider. And no one can lie like one either.

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