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One of the better episodes this season by far.

I definitely think Max tampered with the car, and Nate got in the wrong one. His driver mentioned he didn't know they were going to the airport? I love that they're bringing Jack into the Diana/Nate/Trip/Grandfather storyline. Somehow they are all connected but how? I love Nate these last few episodes too, I hope he continues to be a bigger player in the next half of the season.

I have not cared about Chivy this entire time, but I wouldn't be surprised if her confession gets swept under the rug with a comment of being stressed out and worried about Blair and Chuck.

Serena is so unlikeable to me. The second she gets jealous or doesn't get what she wants she turns on her friends. She did not tell Louis where Blair was for Blair's happiness, she told him so she could mess up Dan's chance of telling Blair how he feels. Dan has evolved too much to go back to Serena. When he was bringing Blair to Chuck, it seriously sucked, but at this point in time Blair loves Chuck and Dan did the right thing.

But that leads to the next half of the season where we can hopefully put an end to the entire tri/quad/angle? that has been going on the past season. A hopeful theory is that Chuck loses his memory and during that time Blair and Dan become closer, a lot closer. And when Chuck regains his memory, Blair has to choose between Dan and Chuck (choose DAN!)
A more likely theory, we get the exact same thing again. Blair goes back to Louis, and then leaves him for Chuck at the alter, only to have another thing separate them.

On a happy note, Georgina will be back. And I love Georgina.


Ok... I never expected for me to say sth like this what Dan did in this episode was beautiful and deep and an act of true love. I actually felt for him after a long long time. Though i was super excited that Blair admited her undying love for Chuck seeing Dan hurt was heartbreaking.
I also felt for Serena. Yes...Unlike Dan she chose the selfish way but she can't help it. Atmittedly Dan was the love of her life so i can see why Dan putting their past completely behind him would have caused her pain and jealousy. I'm really hoping for a good ending for those two...
I won't even think the possibility of Chuck dying... But i also don't want the amnesia card played in the show...OR any other disability! A simple coma will be just fine. Of course i can't say i can combine the ''Chuck in coma'' scene with ''Blair in white'' scene. But we'll see...


What about Diana and Jack Bass? Why does she have to come after hearing that Chuck's condition is serious?
I think that the car Chair took was actually meant for Nate... Who was behind that?


Uggh! I knew something was going to happen to Chuck! With all the set photos around I had barely seen him! I bet my BW Headband collection that the wedding is just a dream- why would Blair marry that snake Louis after all of this?
I wonder if Chuck is going to end up in a coma and THAT is why Blair leaves the wedding?

Stupid holiday break.


i love this episode, we could see ALL the characters playing their parts,all were important in their roles and with a different and more mature way of dealing with their problems, even nate had a great part and serena said more that the 1 minute of lines and screen time.......so long baby louis.....


they can't kill chuck the same way they killed his father


i think the show has got a lack of imagination, and i could not believe if they kill chuck the same way his father died


Since Ivy never finished telling Rufus what she meant by being a fraud--and since she immediately called Carol, when Rufus walked away--I expect that Carol will talk Ivy out of confessing everything, and Ivy will make up some story to account for what she said to Rufus.

It would be really interesting if the writers killed off Chuck, but I think they would lose viewers in droves, so I don't see it happening. The memory loss, though--that could be an interesting twist, and could push Blair back to Louie--except that maybe Chuck regains his memory on Blair's wedding day :)

So Grandpa Vanderbilt and Diana had a hand in the car accident--but they were expecting Nate to be in that car? I am thinking they were expecting Tripp to be in that car. I wonder what old man Bass and Grandpa and Diana have hiding in their closets??


I'm hoping they don't pull an amnesia moment. That is so clichéd it's ridiculous.

Chuck HAS to make it. Gossip Girl without Chair? Perish the thought!


I've been a Dair shipper for a while and would still like to see it happen, but this episode made me realise that it has to be Derena in the end! Those two are meant to be. She's horrible without him, and a much better person with him.

I'd like to see them explore the whole Dair thing, but when the show begins to come to a close (probably next season) they need to end it with Dan and Serena being together.

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