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Come on guys, Chuck is NOT going to die. That's stupidity on the writers part and we would have heard rumours. THis is what the writers want, people to panic so at least the ratings will go up. He's not going to die, they're already filiming scenes.

As for Blair's baby? Well, I don't want it to die, although the outlook is probaby unfortunately. I wanted the kid to be Chucks. Futhermore, why is Georgina at BlAIR'S wedding? I still think Milo is Louis's kid. Maybe.


@ ALF ur comment made my day :D :D :D


one question: How come Blair is now suddenly sooo sure Luis is the father? She's never opened that envelope, has she? And by the way, i still don't know what people expect to read in that letter: Hi Blair it's Luis'? Blair would have had to send in Luis' and Chuck's DNA. And where did she get those? From their tooth brushes? Anyway, I think the Luis/Blair/Chuck situation will turn out this way:
The hospital will tell Chuck's family that he will probably never wake up again. So that her child has a father (whether it's really Luis' or not) Blair decides to marry Luis after all. But THEN rigth before she says "I DO" GossipGirl lets everybody know, that Chuck woke up. And Blair runs. That would be a really cheesy but awesome storyline, don't you think?


ivy is reason for accident ,so selfish and selfcentered. when forced she sold everybody's whole secrets just for kepping her secret. she always does d wrong deed and cries like victim




Despite all the harm that Ivy caused, i really liked her. She's just a lonely girl who wanted to feel loved and safe. And i think the accident wasn't totally her fault, Trip and Max must've sabotaged Nate's car, but Nate took Chuck's car instead.


The pictures of Blair wearing the wedding dress can't be from "the royal wedding". The dress just isn't big enough :D I don't want her to marry Louis!


my theory is that blair promises god that she will marry the father of her son/daughter if he lets chuck live. but in the wedding day (somehow blair has lost her baby for then), someone says that the father of the baby is actually chuck (i think that person is definitely georgina), so she runaways.
another posibility is that the grimaldi make blair marry louis and they threaten her or something...

chuck is not gonna die! but i wouln't like him to have amnesia T_T he has already suffered too much...

i'm intriged about jack's and diana's appearance and also confused.. in the third season it was told who was chuck's mother... and what if both of them are chuck's parents? i know it's crazy lol

in my opinion chace is a great actors and he deserves interesting storylines. in this episode he was great!

poor serena! she really is in love with dan! i don't like how dan has treated her in the last seasons

a have a teory about gg's identity... i think gg is dan! have you seen his face when serena said gg was responsible of the accident and when serena and nate decided to take her down (that is going to be interesting!). well baut if dan isnt gg i think it must be a boy not a girl

pd: i love chair (don't you think they were so cute while the were planning their future? it seemed that they already were a family) and i love dair frienship as well as duck! they're so funny


You know what im thinking.. like what if they keep chuck in a coma for like a long time.. and somehow louis and Blair are still getting married as the "wedding ep" is gonna happen .. and just as they're getting married , she gets a call saying chuck gained conscience and then she runs to see him..

ughh i dont get it .. how could she even consider marrying louis afer this ..
it will be interesting to see how this plays off


I hope Diana is NOT related to Chuck ! No more Mommy, Daddy or even Aunty issues, please! Unless these issues involve him boning Lily, of course. My $$ is still on a Bass prostitution ring reveal. It actually makes some sense: Bart Bass ran a prostitution ring. He laundered the dirty call girl money, with the aid of crooked ol' Jack, through Bass industries. Bart decided to keep the call girls on the pay roll in a legitimate position as au pairs to avoid further scrutiny from the IRS. Bart then fell for one of girls (Diana) whom Jack met at some point. Chuck recognized Diana as one of his childhood "au pairs" and/or from the photo Bart kept of her. Bingo!

Is Ivy actually gone? It would be all kinds of great if she walked out of the hospital never to return! I actually think a Chuck death could be interesting and not because I dislike Chuck. It would be fitting for the character and the "ripple effect" could create many story lines. GG ain't that clever though!

@BimboBoop- Perhaps I overlooked the potential awesomeness of Chuck and/or Blair having amnesia. Your scenarios are hilarious. I can see it now:

Blair: "I need 400 count Egyptian cotton in here! Where's my Nate and why in the world is Serena's Brooklynite boy toy asleep at my feet? Whatever, I need to start on Yale application! Who the heck is this French guy by the way??"


Chuck: *Clicks the call button for more morphine to take the edge off the alcohol withdrawals* "Call me 2 Portuguese hookers and page my Dad in Luxembourg NOW! BECAUSE I'M CHUCK BASS! Hang on..whose dog is this and where exactly is my scarf? Is that Humpty Dumpty asleep at my feet? Nevermind. Just get me Nate Archibald! I hope he isn't still mad at me for sleeping with Blair...".

@Dana- I was actually discussing the GG finale with a friend and we agreed the show should totally pull a Woody Allen with Chuck & Lily! It would cause friction in Rufus and Lily's marriage, Chuck would have romance outside of Blair/a guest star and Serena wold be totally wigged out. Chily shippers unite! I don't see the same spark with Serena/Rufus though I did see it with him and Vanessa big time! Oh, missed opportunities!

@pty- GG is totally a telenovela. I think they should embrace it and go full on soap now. If the show can't be legitimately good, it might as well be bat sh!t crazy and entertaining!

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