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Blair:I told you i love Chuck!!
Dan:Wow calmn down a second Blair im here to tell you that i love Serena not you.


Blair: "Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"


Dan: Game over Blair. Talk.

Blair: I told you, I didn't steal Cedric!


Blair: I'm so tired of pretending to be liking you.
Dan: Ditto.


Blair : I know you want to have sex with me Humphrey!
Dan : *shitting bricks*


Blair: I've searched everywhere and I still can't find your underwear.


Dan: Blair, What are doing in front of the foyer of the Empire?

Blair: I'm getting in position for the Figurehead Mermaid after being sold for the Empire.


Blair: Dan, just because we slept together in your book does not make you the father of my unborn child! I'm not going to do a paternity test with you!


dan: wouldnt it be funny if chuck come to the alter when the vicar says 'can any person can show just cause this couple may not be joined together' and says 'because im chuck bass'

blair: no .. just no


Blair: Dan, the sex scene in the book is fabulous, but I don't think you're that good in bed.
Dan: I can prove I'm that good.

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