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One more thing: Quinn and Sam actually went and helped the needy, istead of doing the TV special. So, not all the kids didn't care about the needy, Quinn and Sam did. If they didn't care, then why would they have gone?


usually, I don't agree with your reviews, but this one is spot on.
it's sad, actually, glee has an amazing cast and so much potential to be ground breaking and different, but not like this. zero plot (and I know this was a special christmas episode but still, it's also a television show and therefore should have a story to tell), no interest in character development, and the continuity problem has been mentioned a thousand times. it's frustrating!I wanna watch glee for fun, singing, dancing AND its characters and their stories. so I'm hoping for 2012, I know you can do better glee:)
p.s.: sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language


I actually liked this episode. I loved the songs, and I liked the Black and White TV special that they did. It was also cute in some parts.


Unfortunately, I agree with those who feel you missed the point.

I find this show often absolutely stupid. In this case, it was meant to be that way. It seems clearly intended to be a standalone episode where all of the plot lines are frozen while we get a bunch of Christmas tunes. This also seems to be why the two Jewish characters play along...and they didn't forget she was Jewish. They actually allude to it in the ep.
So I can't fault the show for that. And I thought the black and white public access special was funny in how stupid it was. It was clearly meant, again, to be stupid.

But many of the songs sucked. And it was disgusting on so many levels for the beatific Glee teens to be singing a song about starving Africans to a group of homeless people with their own problems. Had I not been sitting alone, I would have punched anyone close enough to me, I was that appalled.

Is the Irish guy supposed to be mildly retarded? Cause that's how he's coming off.

What happened to all the supporting players? They just seem to disappear unless they are specifically part of the plot.

I can't see how this show can go another season. It's just terrible now.


No continuity in this episode! What happened to Rachel and Mercedes hating each other after West Side Story. Now, they're just best friends again? I don't understand!


I agreed last night that the episode was crap, and for a lot of the same reasons that people have sounded off about here. Glee is always inconsistent, and they usually follow up the high of one great episode with something not as entertaining or put together. The first two minutes of the episode were great, only to be followed by an additional 58 minutes of silliness.

This show is supposed to be fun, but that episode wasn't fun or funny in the least. I think they RM&Co. could've kept their mockery of old Christmas specials and given their fans some good stuff to talk about during the hiatus.


You are so right this episode is REALLY Bad ! thanks for the review !


Glee has a become a show where they do good musical numbers but that's it. It's not character compelling or strong story material, which is a shame because a lot of teenagers could be influenced by this show.

Great music, not great story.
I know you say it's a Christmas episode and we shouldn't judge so hard, but other shows have succesfully done the christmas episode incorporating it to the storyline and remaining true to the characters. So it's not mistaken to expect more from a show that has good writers and good actors.


I didn't think it was THAT bad. Sure it wasn't the best, and it did kind of fall back into the how bad it can be, but during the whole "Christmas TV Special", I was laughing my ass off. I was also happy to see more of Damian (Rory). He ACTUALLY HAD LINES...AND A SONG!! The only REALLY annoying part of the episode was Artie being a controlling jerk and Rachel just being, well, Rachel.


If you didn't like this episode, you completely missed the POINT of the episode. A super cheesy holiday special with a message. It wasn't meant to advance the plot or show character development. The point was to be ridiculous and heartwarming and it was. It was perfect.

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