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For the second year in a row, Eureka has gone above and beyond in creating a Christmas episode. Here, "Do You See What I See" had the additional enjoyment of being animated, earning its way on the list to be watched every year with my other favorite holiday animated tales.

But it wouldn't be Eureka if they didn’t take this kind of episode up a notch, so they went through several different types of animations, including the holiday classics such as cell drawn and claymation styles.

Disney Style Animation on Eureka

If you didn't catch them, check out our animated Eureka Gallery, which features nods to Scooby Doo, South Park, The Simpsons, Charlie Brown and some pretty cool Japanese Anime! If you have a favorite animation, you would have been hard pressed not to have found it during the episode. 

It might be Freudian in nature, but I’m betting on plain ol’ holiday fun when in their main animation (and claymation) forms Henry ended up have a pull string (Woody from Toy Story), Jo Lupo became “Jo White” (see image above), Carter gained a “Mounty” hat (Dudley Do-Right), and Allison just became adorably cute. 

I found it interesting that they decided to have the Android Deputy Andy in the episode, but both Zane and Grace were not mentions or shown. I know that for last year’s Christmas Episode they were not included because Jamie Paglia said they wanted it to feel like a timeless classic that could fit into any season. But after more than two seasons with Grace and three or more with Zane, leaving them out created more of a void than “timeless” feel, especially when you have the rest of the cast in their new roles from Season 4.

That’s not to say some other old friends weren’t back. Taggart returned (as a Polar Bear), offering up penguin snacks. And of course Dr. Drummond, who we suspected might have a little Christmas magic of his own last year, turned up with a dog sled team whose lead dog was name Rudy. I suspect that Rudy is really short for Rudolph, but I guess only Dr. Drummond knows for sure.

Even with the changing of animation styles and the random attacking Snow-Ninjas (Sninjas), I enjoyed how they worked a softer message in there with Jo. Taggart telling her that it's okay for her to be the Princess and not so tough all the time was touching and heart felt. And who didn't smile when everyone showed up at Jack and Allison's on Christmas morning to exchange gifts. Priceless...

Claymation Group Shot

Overall, it was a fun, light-hearted episode. I hope that Syfy will continue to run it each year like CBS runs How the Grinch Stole Christmas so that we can enjoy it for years to come. 

Have a happy holidays and see you in the summer for the beginning of Season 5! 

Do You See What I See Review

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