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1. when annie raises her gun,takes aim,eyes focused on nils kroft and fires 3
consecutive times. he's down.(background music awesome)
2. to be that confident shows jai made some important friends in the meeting and he is henry's son. (what was project links? when asked if was terrorist wiretapping,jai said yes-polygraph showed he lied.)
3. someone in control of the scripts does. me? no.only one man that i've felt she'd do well with long term and he's happily married...roy gaskin (s2e3). she'd listen to him(or else),had sensitivity,romantic,treat her as an equal & wouldn't let her walk all over him in her louboutins.
4. the enormity of my favorite character killing a major rogue agent the cia couldn't even eliminate hit me like OMG. annie's rite of passage.
5. good but still liked s1 better.


I hope they explore more with Annie and Eyal(sp?)

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