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I doesn't like him so much, but I really enjoy the scenes with britt and him! I feel the chemistry between them. I think he isn't a so much experienced actor but has potential to grow. and can't wait to see more bad hate acting between him and Adam.


he is incredibly awful actor. sure he is an eye-candy, but nevertheless they might have promote someone with better acting skills.


I agree with JasonR and Fahad. It was a major duh moment and he can't act at all.


that was such a "DUH" moment... everyone knew that zylka will become a regular sooner or later. they need six kids and he's the sixth, doesnt hurt that he's a pretty face either! -.-


Don't you mean 'witch hunter' and not hunger? Though as a wicth hunter he may be hungry for the hunt... ? ;)


They should have kept Nick on the show. At least he could act

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