America's Next Top Model Review: Welcome to Modelland

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What an unmodel-esque episode of America’s Next Top Model. As the penultimate installment of All-Stars, I expected crazy photoshoots with exotic costumes and cinematic backdrops. Instead, I got “Modelland” and the strangest Tyra motion shoot to date on "Tyson Beckford."

Although the prizes for the All-Stars cycle have been impressive, asking the girls to write a blog post for Vogue Italia seemed irrelevant. Should models be good writers? Will the winning blog post ever see the light of day? It’s doubtful.

Tyson and Tara

But the girls dove into the task with gusto, because it is for Franco Sozzani, the editor of Vogue Italia herself. Plus, winning a trip to Crete is pretty sweet. In the end, Angelea prevailed for her “gritty” realism.

Tyra’s product placement for “Modelland” was despicable. Not only was she depriving the struggling models of an additional photoshoot; she was subjecting them to a bizarre motion editorial to promote her book. And what a bizarre book it is. Tookie? The scene with Laura and whipped cream? So. Much. Dreckitude. Don’t you agree, Andre?

Lisa, who made it much further than I expected, was the best actor with her “mother” scene. Angelea also kicked ass by channeling her rough childhood. Poor Laura didn’t fare as well, but what she was given was so strange that I thought she was at a clear disadvantage.

Tyson Beckford, the insanely gorgeous male model saved the day and the photoshoot. Even Tyra seemed giddy to see the sexy man, which explained why she hijacked the shoot for herself. Honestly, Tyra was quite dislikable during her motion editorials.

The judging was fairly predictable as well, while the strange editorials turned out well with massive editing. How awkward was the scene where Tyra sucked on Tyson’s thumb?

Although I hoped that Laura and Allison would be in the final two, I figured Laura would be doomed from her sad whipped cream performance. And then, with one episode remaining, there were three.

Are you ready to see Allison, Lisa, and Angelea in next week’s finale? I’m 100% rooting for Allison. How about you?


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to me i have seen many of the shows and its it the same thing with most of the girls and like tyra said it is not outer beauty it is about inner beauty too but i dont think some of the girls are being a good role modle. also some of the girls are being mean to heather i mean so what thats different about her it is not her falt it is what makes her important if being a good role modle is so important then they should have sombody spend a day with them then report back to them but not that i don't like tyra i like tyra she is role modle


ALLISON !!! ALLISON !!! She definitealy Should WIN !!!!! teAM ALLISON!


Just finished watching this latest episode of ATNM. One of the strangest episodes in the history of ANTM. I agree with Jax. Tyra has become the epitome of narcissism and insanity. That aside, my heart goes out to Allison. I hope she wins. But if she doesn't she has more talent, presence, and soul then any model that has ever been on ANTM.


o.k., my last time to watch this rigged show laura puts these other girls to shame. remember jesica who dared question his royal highness about her shoes he didnt like, she went straight down from there on just remember laura...the viewers love you.........


Does anyone else think Tyra is practically insane, I mean lay on a rock side pour whipped cream on yourself but don't be sexy. What was the point of Tyra being in the shoot to begin with at all. She drives me nuts, I can't take it anymore, all those cycles have addled her brain.


It was boring.


Laura was robbed. Angelea should be a male model contestant. Allison should win but you know Tyra wont agree


Okay, Modelland seems like the lamest book ever IMO. Laura should'nt have gone home...


I wish Laura stayed. But since obviously the judges loves Lisa and Angelea they have to be in the finale. When they were in bottom two no one was sent home. And Angelea managed to escape elimination this cycle for so many times it so reminds me of Whitney from Cycle 10. She was bottom two for like 5 times, and yet she was the winner there. I'm so team Allison now.


why LAura??? it should be angelea....

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