Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

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It's time for another poll, TV Fanatics. And this one is gonna be a toughie.

Following challenging battles over television's Sexiest Male and Female Sidekicks, along with the scariest character around, we now want to know: Who is your favorite teen couple?

Stelena at a Crossroads
Blouis Photo
Teacher/Student Love

The field is wide open, from a teacher/student relationship on Pretty Little Liars to forbidden love between a human and an immortal on The Vampire Diaries. With so many potential nominees, we need your help:

  • Hit up the Comments section and recommend a couple for the final round of voting.
  • The only requirements? At least one half of the pairing must be a teenager, and the two characters must have kissed at least once.
  • Feel free to state your couple's case below, but please begin all Comments with the names of your nominees. This will make it a lot easier for us to keep track.

We'll post the official poll on Monday. What teen couples will be featured in it? That's up to you, readers. State your opinions now!

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Are Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl) still teenagers? If so, I would definitely vote them. If not, Santana and Brittany (Glee) is a good couple, if for the only reason that they are such polar opposites and yet persistently show us how they have each others' backs and respect each other, regardless of the reasons to do the opposite. I would also recommend Annie and Jeff (Community - which never fails to remind us how barely legal Annie is or how creepy this pairing would be in real life) because it is exploited so very humorously. I would also strongly suggest Naomi and Max (90210), showing us a depth of emotion Naomi has not always shown and for demonstrating how she is trying to be the better person, by resisting Austin and choosing good guy Max over him. Annie and Abed (Community - because it perfectly illustrated how any two people can have 'moments' in sitcoms) because it is one of the funniest coupling thoughts ever.


Blair & Chuck


chuck and blair.
enough said


Stefan and Elena.(VD) Because they are the loves of each others lives . No one,nothing even death and the loss of humanity can come between them. Stelena FTW!!!


annie and jeff from community - what? she's a teen! don't look at me like that. also caroline and tyler from vampire diaries. they have great chemistry.


Chuck and Blair. Never before have I seen such chemistry between two characters. When they have a scene together everything else just fades away. Love watching them.

Allison berry barbieri

Stefan and Elena (VD)
Would be Elena and Damon if we could vote on people we WANT as couples.


Paige and Emily
Spencer and Toby


STEFAN AND ELENA! "Its you and me stefan, ALWAYS!!"..."I love you stefan,hold on to that!"..."I love YOU stefan YOU!!!"..."Im not giving up on you stefan,I LOVE YOU!" ...and...",We spoke,it was EPIC!":) Only the truest selfless love could ever survive what stefan and his elena have gone through.Thats what we call Endgame!

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