Who is TV's Most Dynamic Duo?

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Over 63,000 TV Fanatics chimed in over the past few days and named THIS TEEN COUPLE their favorite on television. We thank you from your participation - and now we ask you to do so again.

  • Pulling Their Glocks
  • Mike and Harvey at Work
  • Sam and Callen in Action

On Monday, we'll post a poll that asks readers to name the small screen's most Dynamic Duo. It could be a pairing that hosts a fictional morning show... or two lawyers that work together... or an NCIS duo.

It could be any two people on the same series that often interact with each other, be it for the sake of humor, crime solving or anything in between. Who do you think fits this description?

Hit up our Comments section now with your nomination(s) and visit TV Fanatic on Monday to vote on the final ballot. Enjoy!

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Reese & Finch ---> Person of Interest


To finish that though..
Nolan and Emily, Revenge
Buffy and Spike! Buffy
Buffy and Willow! Buffy
Angel and Spike! Angel
Booth and Bones! Bones
Beckett and Castle! Castle
BRIAN AND STEWIE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Troy and Abed! Community
Nolan and Emily


Tony & Ziva (ncis)
Reese & Finch (person of interest)


Rory and lorelai Gilmore


oh i forgot RORY AND LOREALI !!!!!!!!!


Gibbs and Fornell
Castle and Becket
Bones and Booth
Neal and Peter
Michael and Fiona


Neal and Peter - White Collar
Mike and Harvey - Suits
Max and Caroline - 2 Broke Girls
Gibbs and Tony - NCIS
Kensi and Deeks - NCIS: LA
Troy and Abed - Community
Shawn and Gus - Psych
Rizzoli and Isles


Booth and Bones!!!
Damon and Alaric!!!!
Sam and Dean (Supernatural)!!!!
Clark and Chloe (Smallville)!!!


benson and stabler - svu
blair and dorota - gossip girl
seth and ryan- the o.c
spike and angel - angel
willow and xander - buffy