Who is Returning to Desperate Housewives?

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Desperate Housewives will stage a mini reunion at some point before it says goodbye this spring. According to TV Line, the following stars will return and reprise the following characters:

  • Dana Delany (pictured) as Katherine
  • Kyle MacLachlan as Orson
  • Andrea Bowen as Julie
Dana Delany as Katherine Mayfair

ABC has not released a statement regarding these returns, and it's unknown at this time how long each character will stick around for, or what brings each back to Wisteria Lane.

Still... exciting news! Who are you most looking forward to seeing again?


Good to see Julie return. Orson may lend a hand to Bree and the Girls in their coverup. I'd like to see and episode where Mary Alice and all the other deceased are hanging around, as ghosts do, in the old neighborhood. Theres enough of them now to have an Afterlife poker party.


Really looking forward to seeing Katherine again


I would really like to see Eddi and Renee together. would be fun to watch


Andrew Lives in Wisteria Lane so he can just pop up on the show any time the writers want to


I really wanna see Andrew!


I'd love to see flashbacks with Mary Alice and the girls together. The show is so amazing when the girls are united. They could come up with a storyline around these ladies. I'd also love to see Bree's son (forgot his name right now). That guy was such a troublemaker but use to make the show very exciting!


That's fantastic news! I'd also love to see Kayla (Tom's daughter) and Grace (Carlos and Gaby's daughter) return.

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