Two and a Half Men Review: Hey, It's Jake!

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Welcome back, Jake! For the first time this season, Alan's son was actually in an episode significantly enough to warrant his own narrative - and he was even given the line of the episode that I'm sure many of our readers cheered on:

We have to get rid of Walden. He's got to go. | permalink

This storyline was minor, and a bit re-hashed from previous tutoring scenarios the show has run, but Jake's interactions with Walden and rate of success kept it entertaining enough.

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Then there was Alan relying on the show's Charlie crutch, as he read the deceased's journal. It led to some pretty decent jokes and minor insight into the beloved character, while never getting nasty enough to offend Charlie lovers.

Speaking of nasty, there was Walden's storyline. Sorry, that was the closest thing I could make to an double nintendo. As little as I normally care for Walden, at least his adventures with Alan have been somewhat enjoyable.

His shopping for "Those Fancy Japanese Toilets" with Evelyn and eventually ending up in bed with her? Not so much. Watching Evelyn giggle at everything the man says just felt out of the character I've fallen in love with. She came across like a school girl.

Much like the school girl, Megan, that fell in love with Walden this week. Now if only I found Walden as funny as she did. It would be less statutory rape, but, man, I'd enjoy my Monday nights a lot more.

So what did you guys think? Did this episode feel vintage Two and a Half Men enough, thanks to Charlie's journal and Jake's tutoring? Sound off now.


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OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video :


It is a different show........and not nearly as good as it was with Charlie. I just do not see any chemistry between Alan and Walden, and Walden's character I find very annoying.....I hate whiny people. I will be very surprised if this show makes it to another season.


im agree this is a different show now. people must realize of that.


I guess it's nearly time to come to terms with the fact that this IS a different show now. The Sheen scripts had pretty much run their gamut in many ways, and comparing the ratings maybe tells us more. I totally get Waldon, and am enjoying the change. Looks like it outpolled everything except dancing. The Alan-Waldon chemistry is refreshing - but people will be resistant to change for eternity I imagine. And please adjust, guys - neither Charlie nor Elvis are due to return.


As a serious Two and a Half Men fan in the past, I continue to be disappointed in this season`s scripts , writing, and ridiculous plots.
If they can`t bring back Charlie Sheen, just cancel the show already, and stop degrading the existing cast with humiliating scripts. Ashton should not be on this show- There is totally no chemistry with Allan and him, and it is getting to be so STUPID already- I see by the number of comments the show has already lost its following.


Funnier episode of all season 9 but still not even close to the worst episodes of seasons 1-8...


I do "get" the Walden character. What Lorre and company are going for is an innocent, good-looking kid with a lot of money who gets girls without even trying. It's still enough to make Allan jealous, but, as a source of laughs, it's a clear step down from a self-destructive rogue like Charlie, who was humiliated and hurt as often as he was successful. And speaking of Allan - does he even have a job anymore? I can't remember if he has mentioned the office at all this season.


As long as Chuck Lorre is using this show as a personal attack on Charlie Sheen, it will never work. This episode is a little better than the previous ones but only because of Jake. It was typical Jake. Berta's character doesn't even resemble her at all. Alan is still the annoying, whiney little twit he always was but he needs to move on and realize that Charlie is not coming back. Evelyn would have sex with anyone so I don't know what people found so strange about that. As for Walden, he wasn't quite as annoying as he had been but I still don't enjoy his character. They have turned him into a womanizer like Charlie Sheen but he's not as good at it.Sure would love his car though. This show need to go in another direction.


watched a little to see if it was any better. it has gone from bad to worse. i dont think ashton can act & the writing is not good any more. what has happened to my favorite show? going down the toliet ,i think


This episode's best scene was in the garage and the funniest line was the one by Alan when he learned Walden was going to see Evelyn: "Ok, well, just a little head's up, before you journey to the caves of Mordor."

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