Two and a Half Men Review: "A Fishbowl Full Of Glass Eyes"

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Significant time apparently passed in the Two and a Half Men universe because Alan was out of the looney bin this week and back in a completing remodeled of the Malibu Beach home.

In addition to humor, it turns out Charlie beats out Walden in yet another department: taste. Seriously, buddy. Green tile backsplash? Retro electronics in front of wood paneling? A computer desk where a piano used to be? Wow, I'm analyzing the set way too much.

Walden Meets a Girl

Back to the episode... After teasing us with what could have been a strong Jake installment in the intro, we returned again to the solo Walden show as he left his wingman behind with a quarter million frequent flyer miles and went on an awkward date with a charming English woman.

Meanwhile, Alan spent most of "A Fishbowl Full Of Glass Eyes" in and out of a pawn shop. But really it was an eye-opening chat with Berta and a fancy wedding ring that made this story.

Alan really seemed to be as terrible as Berta made him out to be, until he managed to redeem himself when he pulled out a rhodium and platinum ring worth enough digits to make up a phone number (yeah, over a million).

The thing that always makes Alan work is the ridiculous line he walks between deplorable and pathetic. This week he was dangerously close to making me hate the guy, only to have him bounce back as he took a plunge into the ocean.

No, it wasn't nearly as funny as last week's half hour. But it also didn't rely on any dream sequence gimmicks and delivered some solid bromance building between Walden and Alan.

They're not exactly ready to be signed up for our dynamic duo poll, but they might just make it to another season. And maybe by then Jake will find his way back from whatever city it was with an Eiffel Tower in the background.


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The only good thing of the episode was the last minute whit Jake in Paris not knowing where he was... It didn't feel like a comedy show, this episode felt more like a drama episode whit all the emotional moments and bonding's


The plots have been horrible. I hate to say it but I think this show is done. Ashton brings nothing to the show & the writers have made Alan into a total idiot. Only reson we have been watching is because of the shows before & after are both good : (


Why do they always have to talk about Walden'Penis?? Or rather how BIG it is I don't care about it!!! At least they kept his clothes on this time.


Forgot to mention.....How did Jake get to Paris without a passport???? Oh, I's just a TV show. haha


I'm starting to get used to the "new" show, but the episodes are not as good and funny as the old ones with "Charlie". We all know that Alan is a pathetic character, but they continually make him and unlucky and pitiful jerk and I'm getting tired of that. Hey writers, give Alan a break and let something good happen to him once in awhile. We also need more of the other characters and I hope "Rose" can find a place in the new surroundings again. Ashton Kutcher is still wrong for the part. His character needs to grow up, cut his hair and be more presentable, at least. But, I'll continue to watch to see how the show progresses, if not much else.


I really enjoyed the last episode of Two And A Half Men. The funniest part was when Alan said: "When it comes to dating wedding rings are like cryptonite, if you know... superman was a vagina". And even better, Walden's response, he didn't say anything but he was like: "What did you just say?!"


I'm with Marcus: Who played the owner of the pawn shop? He wasn't in the credits at the end of the show (and it's hard to check those out anymore as they roll so fast)? I tried to find out at IMDB but the TV show entries are often missing most of the information they usually post.


Well, it was nice to see again the beautiful British actress !


@ Barbara why does it matter what he looks like and last time I check people who attack someone for the way the look are usally five year old


@David Clarke Unlike Walden you seem to have en eye for these things.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Walden: Your son makes one heck of a wingman.
Jake: You make it easy boss.

In the dating game, wedding rings are like kryptonite. If superman was a vagina.