TV Fanatic Staff Selection, Take 5: Chair for Best Teen Couple!

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Welcome to the latest opportunity for a TV Fanatic staff member to defend one of our Best Teen Couple nominees. If you missed previous editions, so far...

Now, it's up to Leigh Raines to pull up a Chair. Take it away, Leigh, and best of luck...

Who is the best teen couple on television, this website is asking? Sorry, Forwood fans, but the answer is clear.

Look, I’m an adult, so I’m not going to sit here and say that Blair has never had chemistry with another person. Yes, even Lonely Boy got some face time, but - with apologies to Dair supporters - I just feel more of a friendship vibe between those two.

So let’s agree to disagree and let me preach to all you Chair fiends out there. I need your voting to go VIRAL. Let’s face it, Blair Waldorf doesn’t settle for second or third place. Therefore, I present to you a love letter to a relationship that’s five years in the making:

The Chair defense rests.

Dear Chair,
            In the beginning, you entertained us with a friendship fueled by a mutual love for schemes and takedowns. Then, a certain champagne-doused evening, with a striptease at Chuck’s burlesque club, led to hot virginity-losing limo sex. Not even Blair’s attempt at confession could put the fire out that sparked between you two that night (twice, if I recall correctly.) Since then it’s been magnetic, electrifying, bewitching, tantalizing, scintillating and whatever other adjective you want to throw my way.
            I’m not going to lie and say these past few years have been the smoothest ride, but then again nobody ever said a great love was easy. They just said it was worth it. So what if it took you guys a few years to say those three words? What was that Chuck said during his best man speech at the end of season one? Oh yes, the importance of perseverance.
            I can’t give you up, because you two can’t give each other up. Chuck, I blubbered like a baby when you showed up at Blair’s, crying after your father’s funeral and she held your hand all through the night. When you wanted to lose yourself around the world or jump off of a building, who saved you? Blair. Against everything in her being, Blair met you at that Paris train station to stop you from running away. That was a beautiful scene.
            Blair, you two may have not been together when you didn’t get into Yale, but Chuck knew he couldn’t let you spiral with scum like Carter Baizen. He applied to Columbia without you knowing. He reminded you when you were floundering at NYU that he wasn’t Chuck Bass without Blair Waldorf. Then, there was that time he took a bullet to protect the ring he hoped to give to you one day.
            This week's ending scene - with Chuck’s overdue apology - probably sealed the deal for me. Blair, you want to love Louis, but love isn’t something that can be forced. Chuck, your apology might be too little too late, but it shows you’re growing into a better man.
            You were both too immature, conniving, and narcissistic to be together in the past. That’s why it didn’t work. But I, like so many of your viewers, know that you two are end game. So Chuck, could you please go retrieve that gorgeous Harry Winston rock and save Blair from the dullest Prince there ever was? Let’s get this show on the road kids. As Blair herself said at the end of season four: “The great loves are the crazy ones.” And you two are certifiably, undeniably and perfectly crazy... for each other.
Chair fans everywhere

Who's TV's best teen couple?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Elena and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Finn and Rachel (Glee)

Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)

Caroline and Tyler (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Dan (Gossip Girl)

Spencer and Toby (Pretty Little Liars)

Matty and Jenna (Awkward)

Annie and Liam (90210)

Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

Emma and Ethan (The Lying Game)

Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

Total Votes: 63262


@Chair fans Sorry, this whole chemistry thing between Chuck and Blair stops at sexual. I don't see the potential for a longterm relationship between the two. I've only seen glimpses of actual character from Chuck. If there's no trust, there can be no Chair. Dair is healthy because they are working from the ground up and building trust and faith in each other. Chair is like a sinking ship throwing anything to patch up the holes.


It's good to see a Chair article/blog once in awhile because I noticed the bloggers or some or whoever own this site seemed to foreshadow the other opponent. Don't be too obvious TVfanatic. You're making me love you. ;)


Chair forever!! Their loves make the show what it is ♥


OMG!this is so amazing!! I love it!!I was teary-eyed when I was reading it..Truly, these 2 had been through a lot..But still I'm not losing hope that CHAIR will be together again...GG is not GG without CHAIR!!


Thank you! That was beautiful. I never gave up on them too. Chuck and Blair have always been my OTP.


The emotive reactions that Chair instill in the viewer cannot be matched by any other pairing. Whether it's love, hate, angst, passion, sex, banter, friction, anxiety - every emotion is heightened with these two on our screens. Which means that they are magnetic, inevitable, toxic, and crazily in love. They belong together because without one another they are hollow and half of what they can be.


You are right. Ed has chemistry pretty much with all cast even he has more chemistry with Monkey than Dan and Blair have. Ed and Leighton in real life has great sexual chemistry as well.They have everything that makes good tv.Chuck and Blair have sexual emotional dramatic comedic chemistry which most tv couples lack. Dan and Blair are only good when they are fighting. I can't stand the dullness when they have a normal conversation.Why destroy their great frenemy banter which makes them enjoyable most.
Chuck and Blair are the best couple on tv not on gossipgirl and they are endgame. I love watchig them together. they are toxicly sexy. they are my OTP.I know they are endgame and they have to be.




Love all the comments about Ed and Leighton's chemistry. If they were not playing Chuck and Blair I probably would not ship Chair. I bet I wouldn't even ^like* Chuck and Blair as characters! They aren't exactly heroic good guy types but that's half their appeal. They aren't flawless people and they don't have a flawless relationship and thank god for that!


@Alyssa and @Olivia It's all about the chemistry for me too (@observer, apologies for using such a cliche reason for liking them! lol). I like the chemistry of basically the entire cast with each including Dair- who I personally like more as friends. However I enjoy Chair's chemistry the most and its probably only because of EL that i've not turned on their story even in the darkest moments. Whether the scene calls for steaminess, witty banter or angst EL always reel me in. Their history and chemistry make scenes feel heavy with tension. There's a spark and I too feel like its one of best pairings (chemistry wise) on TV period. They haven't had all that many scenes since 4.09 (btw l love their weird, hot makeout session in that episode where theyre moaning about clothes and scheming hah) but I do believe they are always good, and sometimes beyond great. I understand others' statements about abuse of course but i agree with @pty that basically the writers did a poor job many times (like in 4.20- which is terribly shot too) but have stated they did not intend to depict an abusive relationship so I take them at their word. I didnt take their word easily at first and I was too angered at what was shown but have since just decided its fiction and they can do what they want even if its lazy writing. Its all about EL and the work they do. They have risen above their material many times. I do also like the Wuthering Heights, harlequin romance feel of their relationship. This is just one gal's opinion!

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