The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: B

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With many TV Fanatic favorites on a midseason break, we'll be using the next couple weeks as an opportunity to assess various programs and offer advice on where they should go in 2012.

First, our Grey's Anatomy critic offered her thoughts on the first half of that show's eighth season. Now, I'm excited to pore over The Vampire Diaries, hand out a midseason grade and see where readers stand on television's most twist-filled drama.

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Best Character: Klaus. It takes a lot to beat out Damon Salvatore and his snark, smile and smolder. But Klaus has given us a lot... and then some! He's the ideal villain: sympathetic, cruel, multi-dimensional, funny. Joseph Morgan portrays this character with an eerie calmness, making those moments when he loses it even more impactful. Plus, the addition of Klaus has led to the addition of Rebekah. Major points there.

Worst Character: Katherine. She disappears. She shows up. She always has some mysterious agenda. The writers seem to have lost their grasp on this ancient vampire a long time ago. Nothing more than a plot device at this point, Katherine really has to disappear one final time - forever.

Best Episode: "The End of the Affair." New light was shed on Stefan's friendship with Klaus; we flashed back to Chicago; we first met Rebekah; we were introduced to Mikael. A packed episode provided viewers with fresh sympathies for Klaus, Elena and Stefan.

Worst Episode: "Ghost Town." Easily the worst installment in show history, it seemingly existed solely to bring back former characters. Sadly, not even the handsome face of Tyler Kinney could save this boring, nonsensical hour of filler.

Most Interesting Development: Tyler as a hybrid. What does this mean for Forwood? Where do Tyler's loyalties lie? How many more breakfasts will the guy spill on his shirt? The directions the show can now go with Tyler know as few bounds as the affection our site has for his girlfriend.

Biggest Surprise: Klaus killed his own mother, and was being hunted by his own father! Gotta combine this storyline into one major shocker. We figured the history of the Originals would be rich. We just didn't expect it to take even Rebekah by surprise.

Best Bromance: Alaric and Damon. Granted, there are no other contenders (no offense, Matt and Jeremy), but these two deserve their own shout-out for simply making me crack up so often. Damon is the only person allowed to refer to his pal as Ric.

Most Misused Character: Bonnie. All she does is pop into a scene, cast a spell and leave. This may belong in the following category, but the show needs to round Bonnie out to be more than just an angst-filled witch. Fortunately, this appears to be the plan. Look who is on her way to Mystic Falls.

Hopes for 2012: Full-on Delena. I'm not just saying this because the pair won our poll for Best Teen Couple, and it would be nice if they were actually a couple. But the series needs to make a choice in either direction. No more teasing, writers. You've done an admirable job developing the feelings between Elena and Damon. They feel real and believable at this point. Stefan may not want his humanity, but Damon does want the girl who makes his rise to the surface. Give her to him.

Also: a bubble bath scene for Rebekah; even more Caroline; the return of Elijah; the opening of a competing restaurant for the Grill.

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Best Character: Stefan. Loving the Ripper storyline and the way Paul Wesley is playing it. Last season Stefan was treated like a supporting instead of lead and I still loved him.


Best Character: Caroline. Closely followed by Damon and Stefan. Caroline has been amazing this season so far, and so strong, especially all the drama with her Dad and Tyler. Then I love all the emotion Damon now shows - still keeping his bad guy attitude sometimes though! Perfect! And I also love Stefan as the cocky bad guy now! He was cute, but a bit of a bore before.. Worst Character: Bonnie. I find her very boring at the moment, and whenever we see her.. All she does is being miserable (fair enough Jeremy cheated on her but she's just getting boring) or she's either muttering a load of jibberish in spells. She needs more a plot, like in the past two seasons. Best Episode: "The Reckoning" - this episode kept me on edge constantly. So much happened - Tyler becoming a hybrid, Stefan feeding on Elena etc. and let's not forgot that cute scene with Damon and Elena (right before Stefan ruined the moment). Worst Episode: I've loved every episode so far, but "Homecoming" was a bit of a disappointment. I expected more 'OMG' moments. Although when Klaus staked his father was a bit of shocker and I wanted to see a bit more of Mikael. And I also wanted to see more with Rebekah and her father. She saw him at the start, had a go at him and that was it? Would of loved to see them be happy once again. And I didn't like Elena daggering Rebekah either. They were just hitting off a friendship there! Most Interesting Development: I think it's Stefan overall. Sometimes you can sense the humanity in him, starting to show again. But then being the bad boy again. You can tell he still feels in a way, and I find it very interesting. Biggest Surprise: this season has been full of surprises! I couldn't really pick. Although I was pretty shocked the first time I saw the tomb vampire on Ghost World appear. Best Bromance: Alaric and Damon! I love them two, and Damon doesn't really seem to have many people to turn to, apart from Elena. I just think they're great as friends - bit of a bummer when Damon killed Alaric a second time though. Most Misused Character: Katherine! I have learned to love that girl! Nina Dobrev plays her and Elena amazingly, and she was incredible in season 2. Just wish they could focus on her a bit more. Hopes for 2012: Delena! and ELIJAH. I loved him, and would love him and Rebekah to be reunited! also Tyler to get back to his old self, and improvement with his and Carolines relationship. I do find Klaus awesome, but I think he does need to be killed off at the end of the season. Please Vampire Diaries - make my hopes come true!


Best Character: Of the main ones I would say Stefan with all the Ripper stuff, with the secondary ones I'd probably say Jeremy with all the ghost stuff (even though overall that arc was a bit disappointing) Worst Character: Bonnie, although only because I consider Matt too irrelevant to even mention. She continues to be annoying and not much more than a plot device. The show would honestly benefit so much if they just got rid of her, in fact my dream is for her and Matt to get together and leave town and never come back. Best Episode: I liked The Reckoning for how intense and twist and turny it was, and I liked Ghost World for the emotional punch it packed and to get to see some beloved characters one last time Worst Episode: The second flashback, Ordinary People, didn't do much for me. The whole Original origin story just wasn't that great, plus since it was a flashback we had to miss some of the best characters (Tyler, Caroline, and Jeremy). Most Interesting Development: Agree with the Tyler hybrid thing, although I fear it might put him in danger the rest of the way. Biggest Surprise: I was pretty shocked with all the finding out Stefan and Klaus were bros back in the 20s Best Bromance: Gotta go Klaus/Stefan here, but mostly because there was just so little Damon/Alaric for most of the season Most Misused Character: Probably Alaric, he missed a bunch of episodes and was relegated to babysitting and reading cave drawings in the episodes he was in. Also as a pair, I felt there was a severe lack of the Jeremy and Elena sibling relationship, it's to me one of the better aspects of the show and it was all but ignored so far this season. Hopes for 2012: More Jeremy, Alaric, Tyler, Caroline, and Klaus, far less Bonnie and Matt. Elijah being back, more Originals, and more of the family dynamics that are one of the biggest strengths of the show (Stefan/Damon, Klaus and his family, and Elena/Jeremy and Alaric being the main ones)


Best character: STEFAN
Klaus comes close in second. Carefree, sarcastic, nonchalant Stefan is priceless, though. I hope he's here for the long run. Worst character: JEREMY
The one guy who just never grows up. Granted he's the resident emo, but seriously... grow up. Best episode: THE RECKONING
With "The End of the Affair" coming in close second. That was the climax moment for both Stefan and Stelena relationship. Not in the fairy-tale happy ending way, but in the potential epic development way. Worst episode: GHOST WORLD
Although I did love having Lexie and Grandma come back. Most interesting development: STEFAN'S FREEDOM
... and the way he's using it. When I thought he couldn't be anymore of a BadA, he proved me wrong. Biggest surprise: KATHERINE SAVING DAMON
Even if people want to put Katherine down, I think she made a great impact for the 2 minutes she was on screen. Fierce, selfish, yet not as heartless as we initially thought. Baby steps. Best bromance: KLAUS AND STEFAN
Refer to "The End of the Affair". They were draining blood together, committing debaucheries together, what more could you do? Most misused character: BONNIE
She's the epic resident witch. She needs to be given a chance to grow. Her and Jeremy simply held her back. Hopes for 2012: ELIJAH, STEFAN, BROMANCE
Nuff said.


Best character: I don't know. Stefan maybe? Or Caroline? I've never been a big fan of Klaus and lately Damon's just been... non interesting. Worst character: I agree with you on Katherine. But I don't want her to die because Nina Dobrev plays her to perfection. But if she could just take a break for 2 seasons that would be awesome. Best episode: A tie between "The Birthday" and "The End Of The Affair". Worst episode: At first I wanted to say "Ghost World", but to be honest I hated the last few minutes of "Homecoming" so much that now I think I've changed my mind. Most interesting development/Biggest surprise: Lately I've lost the TVD loving feeling so I feel like I can't answer this question. And there were too many (unlogical) surprises this season for me to say which one was the biggest. Most misused character: Bonnie. Hands. Down. It's gone so far that I can't even hate her any more, I just hate the writers for not giving her anything to do. Hopes for 2012: ELIJAH! Delena. The teasing is getting ridiculous. Just let them get together. Lots and lots of Forwood. A storylines that take us away from the Originals. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Klaus, Rebekah etc. but I just wish the show would go back to S1 with the DES-triangle being the main focus. At the moment it feels like they use the Original-storyline to drag the triangle out. Grade: B


Best Character: Stefan for me, but Klaus, Caroline, Jeremy, Elena, and Damon are all in the mix as well Worst Character: Bonnie with Matt a very close second, one's nothing more than a plot device the other is completely useless Best Episode: The Reckoning, pretty much represents everything about why this show is so great, intense, full of twists, plus it had mostly all the main characters playing a big role (only Alaric was left out) and some new or rarely seen character dynamics that really worked (Bonnie/Matt, Jeremy/Katherine) Worst Episode: Probably Homecoming, just felt a bit disjointed and didn't have that epic feel the show usually reaches in a big episode, plus no Alaric or Jeremy Most interesting development: I think it was the end of the last episode, which even though the episode as a whole was kind of disappointing, the setup with Stefan and Klaus now against each other and everyone in the middle of it really sets up the show when it comes back Biggest Surprise: Probably all the stuff with the Originals, the mom being the Original Witch, Klaus killing her, etc. Best Bromance: Obviously Damon and Alaric, but Stefan/Klaus was kind of great too. Jeremy and Matt could have been better but they just dropped it after the second episode. Most Misused Character: I'd say Alaric because I think there's a lot more potential with him (the bromance with Damon, the mentor-type role with Jeremy, the kick-butt hunter we've seen at times), Jeremy gets a mention too but that was more a misused storyline as the ghost thing didn't quite live up to what it could have been Hopes for 2012: More of some of the underused great characters like Alaric and Jeremy (kill two birds by having them interact more like the show seemed to set up at the end of last season), more of a darker Stefan, more Caroline, Elijah coming back, and less of the useless characters that just take up time (Matt and Bonnie).


Best Character: Damon
Worst Character: Rebekah
Best Episode: Ghost World
Worst Episode: The Birthday
Most Interesting Development: Ghost walk among us!
Biggest Surprise: The original witch is Klaus' mother (and she's dead)
Best Bromance: Damon and Alaric
Most Misused Character: Katherine! She could be so awesome! Sigh...
Hopes for 2012: Delena, Stefan and Katherine recking avock and the end of Klaus.


Best Character: Damon, as usual. But followed closely by Klaus and Caroline.
Worst Character: Jeremy. He was jerky and irrelevant at the same time.
Best Episode: The Reckoning!!! So intense.
Worst Episode: Ghost Town. I wasn't into the ghost storyline either. Though I really liked seeing Lexie again.
Most interesting development: Tyler becoming a hybrid. I can't wait to see where this will go.
Biggest Surprise: Mikael being Klaus and Rebekah's father + Mikael "killing" Elena who turned up to be Katherine.
Most Misused Character: Mikael (they killed him way too soon).
Hopes for 2012: I'm finally entirely on the Delena boat, so I really hope they get together soon. I also hope Tyler doesn't become a douchebag for good and he and Caroline can work things out despite of his condition. And, as much as I like Klaus, I think he needs to be killed by the end of the season. I think we would get tired of him if his storyline lingered on.


Yea! The return of Elijah! I loved his character.


Best Character: Klaus, just because he is so funny while being evil. Stefan however comes in a close second. It's so interesting to see this side of him. Worst Character: Jeremy. The whole thing with Anna was so exaggerated. They weren't even that close in Season 1. It was cute, but since there was no real aim behind it, it should've been left out. Best Episode: The Hybrid. S: "That wasn't supposed to happen." K: "Well obviously." Loved it! Worst Episode: "Ghost Town." Although it was nice to have them gone by the end of it! If only there were a different way to bring back Lexi! Most Interesting Development: Stefan turning on Klaus and going for revenge in 2012. Biggest Surprise: Klaus being a Momma and now a Poppa-killer and lying to his siblings about it for 1000 years. Best Bromance: Alaric and Damon. That scene under the Lockwood Property was pure gold. Also, them not speaking was like watching two kindergarteners. Most Misused Character: Bonnie. There is so much they could do with her! She could turn evil, ala Willow in Buffy. That would be a twist. Hopes for 2012: The END of Delena. It needs to stop! Damon needs to move on, find himself someone who can actually love him more than Stefan; and Elena needs to stay true to the one she loves and who loves her more than anything else. She cannot be that girl. After everything Stefan gave up to protect her, after him holding on to his humanity as long as he could for her, after withstanding Klaus' demands as good as he could, after sacrificing his conscience and all the work he has put into being a good guy for so many years. If Elena abandoned her love for Stefan, she would be such a colossal disappointment! Why can't she stay single? Does she have to hop into bed with either one of the Salvator brothers? - No! Also, new twists and turns and a revenge plot line led by the other Originals.

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