The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: B

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With many TV Fanatic favorites on a midseason break, we'll be using the next couple weeks as an opportunity to assess various programs and offer advice on where they should go in 2012.

First, our Grey's Anatomy critic offered her thoughts on the first half of that show's eighth season. Now, I'm excited to pore over The Vampire Diaries, hand out a midseason grade and see where readers stand on television's most twist-filled drama.

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Best Character: Klaus. It takes a lot to beat out Damon Salvatore and his snark, smile and smolder. But Klaus has given us a lot... and then some! He's the ideal villain: sympathetic, cruel, multi-dimensional, funny. Joseph Morgan portrays this character with an eerie calmness, making those moments when he loses it even more impactful. Plus, the addition of Klaus has led to the addition of Rebekah. Major points there.

Worst Character: Katherine. She disappears. She shows up. She always has some mysterious agenda. The writers seem to have lost their grasp on this ancient vampire a long time ago. Nothing more than a plot device at this point, Katherine really has to disappear one final time - forever.

Best Episode: "The End of the Affair." New light was shed on Stefan's friendship with Klaus; we flashed back to Chicago; we first met Rebekah; we were introduced to Mikael. A packed episode provided viewers with fresh sympathies for Klaus, Elena and Stefan.

Worst Episode: "Ghost Town." Easily the worst installment in show history, it seemingly existed solely to bring back former characters. Sadly, not even the handsome face of Tyler Kinney could save this boring, nonsensical hour of filler.

Most Interesting Development: Tyler as a hybrid. What does this mean for Forwood? Where do Tyler's loyalties lie? How many more breakfasts will the guy spill on his shirt? The directions the show can now go with Tyler know as few bounds as the affection our site has for his girlfriend.

Biggest Surprise: Klaus killed his own mother, and was being hunted by his own father! Gotta combine this storyline into one major shocker. We figured the history of the Originals would be rich. We just didn't expect it to take even Rebekah by surprise.

Best Bromance: Alaric and Damon. Granted, there are no other contenders (no offense, Matt and Jeremy), but these two deserve their own shout-out for simply making me crack up so often. Damon is the only person allowed to refer to his pal as Ric.

Most Misused Character: Bonnie. All she does is pop into a scene, cast a spell and leave. This may belong in the following category, but the show needs to round Bonnie out to be more than just an angst-filled witch. Fortunately, this appears to be the plan. Look who is on her way to Mystic Falls.

Hopes for 2012: Full-on Delena. I'm not just saying this because the pair won our poll for Best Teen Couple, and it would be nice if they were actually a couple. But the series needs to make a choice in either direction. No more teasing, writers. You've done an admirable job developing the feelings between Elena and Damon. They feel real and believable at this point. Stefan may not want his humanity, but Damon does want the girl who makes his rise to the surface. Give her to him.

Also: a bubble bath scene for Rebekah; even more Caroline; the return of Elijah; the opening of a competing restaurant for the Grill.

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dont be biased. Half of season 3 is just full of plotholes, Do I need to start on their habit of making retcon storylines, how freaking lazy can you get? Or should how is the original petrova relavant to klaus getting cursed. Since her family is from Bulgarie but klaus' family were original vikings who settled in the US? A lot of inconsistency and lack of coherence, and why hire writers who never worked or seen TVD? This show could have been epic if they did a better storyline with how the originals were mede. Meh sorry


B is too low of a rating.. Hahaha, I say A+


Best Character: Elijah
Worst Character: Matt
Best Episode: The End of the Affair
Worst Episode: Ghost Town
Most Interesting Development: Stefan's humanity
Biggest Surprise: Klaus and Stefan were friends in the 1920s
Best Bromance: Damon and Alaric
Most misused Character: There's a few... Alaric because he's stuck being a babysitter, Matt because he has nothing to do and the writers need to find something interesting to do with him, and Jeremy because that whole "I still love my dead vampire girlfriend" is a bit too much.
Hopes for 2012: More Alaric, and I want to see Elijah again soon...


Best Character: ELIJAH -Both captivating and let's face it, DELICIOUS. Damon comes in a high second. Worst Character: Matt, he's sweet and all, but without a real connections with the others, he's losing his appeal. Best Episode: Home coming- Just because it felt like Klause might actually die soon. Worst Episode: There have been one or two they could have done more with, but really the shows great! Most Interesting Development: "Tyler as a hybrid" AGREED! Leaves you wondering where that will lead to later on. Biggest Surprise: Stephan knowing Klaus from long ago. Best Bromance: "Alaric and Damon" Agreed - though Klaus and Stephan come to a close second. Most Misused Character: "Bonnie" Agreed, I love her and wish they would give her more of an important role. Hopes for 2012: Elena and Damon together of course and Elijah back full throttle. Actually, I'd like to see him start something with Caroline - She needs an older man that will except her new found power and strength. Matt and Tyler are too young to appreciate her!


Totally agree with character is stefan, worst character is jeremy....he is so dum, damon is really getting borin...pls do somtin abt it


Best character: Tie between Caroline and Damon. The K Man gets honorable mention. The first two have grown by leaps and bounds. The latter has it easy because he's not as regular. Stefan could win this end of season though, if he continues on this path. Worst character must be Bonnie, you wanna talk plot device? Atleast Kat constantly keeps a smile on my face and has chemistry with everyone she encounters. Bon Bon has a perma puss face. Jeremy is treading near the same edge and Matt needs to jump over lol. Best Episode: Can't pick just one, A season full of them. Worst Episode: Easy. The Ghost one. UGH. I agree that Tyler becoming a hybrid is the most interesting development. Come to think of it I agree with the rest. Bonnie is misused, Alaric and Damon are hilarious. Oh and I. WANT. FULL. ON. DELENA. End of the @*$+&(*/#'*#-$(@%*# story. It is THEIR time :)


Best Character: KATHERINE


Best Charater : Klaus or Stefan works for me
Worst Character: Matt
Hopes for 2012 : Stop with the tease, let Damon and Elena just be but make it interesting by adding Katherin to the mix with Stefan. Damon always wants what Stefan has, so writers let this one play out for a while. Stefan and Katherine would kick ass as a couple, although not my favourite story line but it would shake things up a bit.


Srsly, this list is flawed... Best character: STEFAN by far, followed by Klaus. Worst Character: ELENA, she is exactly like Katherine right now. Best Episode: The Reckoning. Hopes:Elena getting a brain and Stefan living happy without her (he is too good 4 her) Most Misused Characte: Bonnie, i really feel sorry for her... Worst Episode:...Ghost Tow Most Interesting Development: Stefan, very dark development. Best Bromance: Klefan the whole Damon and Elena thing feels incredibly forced to me


As if it doesn't deserve an A+!

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