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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 87

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Damon and Stefan got into it in our latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, as numerous readers weighed in on the following photo.

We thank each and every one of them for their time and participation, but, alas, there can only be one winner each week. And that honor here goes to... Winchiwitch! Read this user's entry underneath the picture now - it's short, but sweet; simply, but funny - and don't get discouraged if you didn't win.

There's always next week! Come back and play again and again and again.

Brotherly Caption Contest Pic

Stefan: Thank God you're here. My nose has been itching for hours.

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Stefan : Damn u smell good bro. Damon : If you want to smell like me, look like me,you have to be me and Stef, you aint no Damon Salvatore Stefan : Brother the ego on you. I wouldn't want to be anyones 2nd choice but you can have Elena, now let me go. Klaus and I have some ppl to kill. Too much blood, so little time.


Stefan: So if i feel something i'll get a cookie?


Stefan: How's Elena doing?
Damon: You know Elena. Going to school, writing in her diary, looking after Jeremy, sharing her bed with me.
Stefan: Yeah, that sounds like Ele . . . wait, what?


Stefan: You can't keep me locked up in here,Damon.
Damon: Why not?
Stefan: Because Elena is in danger. She's the doppelganger, Damon. She needs to be protected.
Damon: Then, I'll protect her.


Stefan: Hey, Damon! Did you know that there are exactly 37,152 bricks that make up this building?
Damon: You sure you're okay, Stef?
Stefan: I'm fine. Well, except that brick *nods toward a brick* right there, that one keeps mocking me.
Damon: Lexi! You'd better get your ghostly self back here and fix him, cause I didn't sign up for talking rocks.


Damon: Eventually you'll see things my way Stefan...
Stefan: I eat poo like you for breakfast!
Damon: You eat poo for breakfast???


Damon: If you don't tell me what I want to know, I will say it!
Stefan: You wouldn't dare!
Damon: Try me?
Stefan: I don't believe you!
Damon: You've forced my hand brother...
Stefan: You're bluffing!
Damon: Puppies, turn into dogs, who get get old and DIE!


STEFAN: So, what's the lastest trend on Twitter?


DAMON: I'm not getting any closer. Siriusly, being stuck in this cell for weeks is no excuse for you to stink like a dino!


Today was a good day. I drank a spider and watched GG. Not all is lost, we had a very touching scene at the very end. ---The End.