The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 86

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This one was difficult.

Thanks to 93 responses and an ideal Caption Contest photo, it took our staff awhile to sort through all the entries submitted to this edition of the feature. In the end, though, our affection for Rebecca Black forced us to selected "ihatebonnie" as the winner.

But, seriously, it was difficult! Check out the victorious caption below and remember to come back and play every week. Thank you!

Klaus at Homecoming

I would like to dediacate this to my loving family, who I know I haven't always treated the way I should have, and for that I cannot apologize enough, but I would like to start rebuilding our relationships starting with this song... IT'S FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GETTING DOWN ON FRIDAY!

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Klaus: Excuse me, Ladies and Gents I'm waiting for the Rippah to arrive, that is all.


Klaus: My goal is to make more hybrids


Klaus: I will turn every single human here at homecoming into hybrids, so they can help me defeat mikael!!!!

I am nuts

Klaus: Hi everyone. I'm Klaus and I'm a blood adict.
Everyone: Hi Klaus.


It's a cruel, cruel world, I live on my own ; three heavy coffins to carry alone ; the curse is off, but everyone's gone and it's cruel...


Klaus: "Take a look at this stage setting behind me. It's like you're asking for vampires to take over Mystic Falls!"


Klaus: Heh heh... this is awkward... does anyone want a Redvine???


@TeamDamon4ever (Elijah's Queen) Good one. Hope it wins. ;-)

Chathuri welgama

Klaus: hello, everyone. i umm...just want some friends to party with.


Klaus: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the Rippah. *to Stefan* Take anyone you want from the crowd. Oh and bring your old man a heart. This time make sure it's still beating.

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