The Secret Circle Review: Double the Darkness

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That was sort of a lame cliffhanger, wasn't it?

To conclude its opening nine-episode run, The Secret Circle didn't leave viewers anxious with how a storyline would be resolved, it simply dropped a major plot point on us in order to set the stage for 2012.

A Dance with Jake

Another member of the coven hails from the "Balcoin" bloodline and is the child of John Blackwell. That's interesting to ponder, but two points:

  1. It's clearly Faye, right? A spellbound Jane admitted earlier in the episode that Dawn had a thing for JB.
  2. It's difficult to get too excited or anxious about what a second, dark magic-filled circle member might mean... because we're not even clear on what it means for the first one. We've been given flashes on Cassie's power, but there's a great deal more to learn about her first, making it difficult to care much about a half-sister.

I was hoping for more. Couldn't the episode have concluded with Cassie getting kidnapped? Wouldn't such an action have made for a better cliffhanger than a simple reveal and a wide shot of the group on the pier, all safe for now?

But let's focus on the positive, starting with the next generation: there's a riff between Charles and Dawn, and there's something seriously wrong with Jane. I hope we learn the former duo's end game soon, as it can get a bit tiresome to hear them constantly talking around the question of why they want their powers back. Still, these two are fascinating to watch, especially Charles. He seemed like an all-knowing, all-powerful villain at the outset.

Now, though, we've seen him struggle with killing Nick, pine romantically after Dawn and act unsure over what he has done to Jane. A layered, flawed bad guy is an interesting one to follow.

So is the concept of a witch hunter's "counsel." Isaac referred to this higher authority on more than one occasion. It wants Cassie alive? For what purpose? Who comprises the counsel? Where is it located? What is its end game? All questions to ponder over the next six weeks.

Yes, like The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle is off until January 5. That gives us a long time to wonder why Melissa disapproves of Diana dating Holden (just a protective family thing? Or is there something more about the seemingly very nice guy?) and to brace ourselves for just how dark life is about to get for Cassie. We've only been teased about her dangerous gift so far, but this return promo promises a far more in-depth look in 2012.

And forget Dawn's agenda or Chris Zylka's stiff acting... if Faye really is Cassie's half-sister, and if someone such as her can conduct dark magic on her own, that would be scary.


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where's the round table discussion for this episode?


Surprised how much I like Jake and Cassie together. Did the show ditch the Nick character because the actor wasn't who they wanted? Because I got that feeling when Ken doll came to town. Oh don't think they wouldn't do it. I like Jake, and his mystery and I think there's quite a good chemistry going there. And Adam is the one who has a stone face. I love his fringe of eyelashes and he knows how to smoulder but I need to see more of him to make a final judgement on his worthiness of being Cassie's fated love. And why should that be the truth just because some witch somewhere wrote it down? I love to see these young people presented with intellect and a proper amount of wisdom for their age. I mean have you looked at some of the other goofy crap shows ahem 90210? I watched three minutes of it and couldn't believe it's still on the air. Utter stupidity. Thank you tv gods for Cassie and Diana and this entire group representing a more level headed youth. I think The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf also have some very likable characters.


Btw i don't think Chris Zylka is stiff at all ! I think the character Jake is like that ! Also he already changed a lot this last episode, i loved it that he showed emotion and his connection to Cassie omg !! To be honest , for me the show got interesting when Jake came to town. I love the whole storyline with him, and i 'get' what they're doing with his character. I think he's doing a great job.


I thought it was good. I mean we also seem to put high expectations on this show because for the most part it managed to be insanely good insanely fast compared to it's sister show, which was always good to me, but had kinks to work out before it hit it's groove. For an amateur show, fresh off the presses, it did pretty good. It seems they are eluding to faye being the other blackwell but is that too obvious? Either I'll hate it because they pretty much eluded to it so it wouldnt be a surprise or I'll hate it because if it's anyone else it may not make sense. It would be insane if it were Adam...and weird. But what about Diana?That would open up a whole can of worms and interesting developments. She's often questioned by viewers for being too nice, it would explain a possible reason for why Charles is the way he is on certain matters, and clearly the love affairs and marriages of all of the parents on this show were complicated because it seems as if no one ended up with who they wanted to be with or were supposed to be with. what if his wife had a thing for Blackwell too? We know nothing about her. Or they could do a throwaway and have made it Nick, which could still prevent Jake and Cassie from being related but make for interesting storylines as well. I don't know how I feel about the development of a half sibling (who more than likely is faye which is rather uninteresting and not shocking at all) because we still haven't seen what happens with Cassie. I liked the introduction of Holden....slightly biased because hell it's nice to see a little diversity in a show for me personally. But I wonder what will come of him? I liked Adam in this, and his pro active working with Faye.


i thought the last episode was amasing. i was SO impressed with the acting specificly from cassie and jake. they had such amasing chemistry together. especially the part when they were at that fundraiser. maybe its adam who is cassie's brother? really the writers are smart. they practicly gave us an answer. so of course its not faye. they would want us to think we have an answer then totaly twist it when the rest of the season starts


am i the only one who thinks jake is cassie's sibling? they're the only ones who look alike. Also Would faye's grandfather have such a bond with her as to contact her even after his death if he wasn't her grandfather??


am i the only one who thinks jake is cassie's sibling? they're the only ones who look alike. Also Would faye's grandfather have such a bond with her as to contact her even after his death if he wasn't her grandfather


Cake ftw !!!!!! I love Jake and Cassie, they are the main reason i watch. And i think the other Blackwell child is Faye, because of what Jane said to Dawn ! And don't forget the connection they had in 1x08 !! Cassie could see little Faye remember !!


i agreed! Cassie should've been kidnapped in the end of the ep. it would make the show hang in the balance!! Jake's acting was specifically better. Saving Cassie by bursting out the lightbulbs to distract the witch hunters was awesome!! totally impressed!! hope to see more Jake/Cassie's scenes down the line.


I started to watch this show just this week, and I have been addicted ever since. These are my guesses and reasons for who Cassie's secret sibling could be: 1. Faye: For one, her mother admitted to having feelings for Blackwell in the past, which means that they could have had an affair - the result being Faye. My problem with this theory is that if Faye really is Blackwell's other child, she doesn't seem to be very good at tapping into her dark magic abilities randomly like Cassie even though she is quite temperamental and desperate to use magic on her own. 2. Adam: Yes, his father keeps repeating that they are "written in the stars" and what not, but perhaps they were written in the stars in other ways? Sure, it may seem like a bit of a stretch for him to be Cassie's sibling (personally I hope he's not, and that he and Cassie end up together in the end), but I wouldn't be too surprised if the writers threw in this huge plot twist just to catch viewers off guard and add some serious backstory to TSC. If they were siblings, that could also be another explanation to the intensity of their powers when they did magic together that one time in the forest and why they seem to be drawn to one another more than any of the others in the group. 3. Jake: Even though they kissed, which would mean (yuck) incest, he IS the only one - other than Cassie - in the group that can do magic by himself. Perhaps in future episodes his abilities will be explained in more detail, but as of right now, I see this as a definite consideration in figuring out who is the other Blackwell child. 4. Diana/Melissa: If anything, I can see Diana as the more likely choice for being the other Blackwell child over Melissa. Just because Diana seemed to have more of a presence throughout the series so far and her obvious need to be in control could have something to do with her ancestry. Her character seems like the type that if you just push her a little to far, she might just tap into those dark magic abilities and blow up in your face - or blow you up. If Melissa turns out to be Blackwell's other child, that would definitely be something that I wouldn't expect. However, it would give her character a much needed presence in the show. 5. Has anyone even considered a new character? In the last episode, Issac said that Blackwell had another kid within the circle; however, he never specified that his kid was already a part of their group of friends or not. In a previous episode, I do recall Cassie's grandmother telling her how binding the circle not only connects the those that were there during the ceremony, but also to the rest of the circle's families. This explained why Jake was able to fill in the 6th spot for the circle... Throughout the series, I don't think they ever explicitly stated that there was a max of 6 people to a circle, so if they writers and producers were to introduce a 7th member, it wouldn't conflict with the storyline. So I believe that there is a good chance that a 7th character will be introduced to the group, and - as the plot continues - they will eventually discover that their new member is Cassie's dark magic sibling.

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