The Good Wife Review: Who's Poking the Bear?

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On an episode that saw Will and Peter go toe to toe and Diane figure out Alicia and Will may be more than colleagues, who would have guessed that the guest stars would steal the show? That's what happened on "Executive Order 13224."

Treasury Official Gordon Higgs had a love of cupcakes and a talent for being oddly intense. How could someone appear so innocuous yet come across so intimidating? Perhaps it was the threat of an eight-year prison term. 

Carrie Preston on The Good Wife

I was surprised that Alicia didn't take Will and Diane's offer of a high priced attorney. Instead, she found her own counsel in the form of Peter's former lawyer, Elsbeth Tascioni, someone for whom the term quirky is an understatement.

I was flummoxed as to why Alicia would choose this strange, scatterbrained woman to represent her. Then I finally caught on when Elsbeth used that ditzy demeanor to keep her opponent off balance... while she went in for the kill. Elsbeth turned out to be the perfect foil for Higgs and I was delighted with every scene that pitted these extraordinarily eccentric characters against one another.

Heck, even the judge was entertaining, poking fun at the attorneys whenever appropriate. He recognized how ridiculous this entire case was from start to finish but still respected that this was the law and played it out until the end.

Back on the family front, I'm not thrilled that we were revisiting Grace's interest in bible study. Didn't we wander down this road before? I'm not sure which storyline involving Grace I've found more tiresome, this one or her dance crazed tutor. 

An unconventional high point was that Jackie came back to over step her boundaries and attempt to stir up trouble. I do love to hate that woman.

Then we wandered back to the heavy hitting story lines. Peter's got his sights set on Will. The possibility of Will stealing $45,000 from a client fifteen years ago was like blood in the water for Peter, it didn't matter whose jurisdiction it was.

Peter's pissed. Will's treading all over his former territory and he's hunting for a way to take him down. Now that he's found a weapon, Peter's not about to let it go but he's smart enough not to say it out loud. Will's response?

 You're pitiful. Get a pair of balls and throw a punch. | permalink

Oh, wouldn't we all like to see that?!?

Cut to Lockhart Gardner where Will's afraid Diane's poking the bear in their court case and Diane's worried that Will's poking…well, you get the picture. The only thing better than the look on her face when she heard Alicia's ringtone over that phone was the look she leveled on Will when she asked about needing to up their insurance. Subtle? Not really but message delivered.

I loved the end with the staff watching the Sexual Harassment video. I'd swear I've sat through that video at work and it was just as eye rolling as it was here. Unfortunately, the only person who will be harassing Will or Alicia is her ex and these two need to find their own weapons, quick.


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My admiration and respect for this series has waned.
The third year episodes have become convoluted in terms of plot.
The Good Wife appears to be getting shallow and sensationalized.
I find this year's episodes have deviated from the fundamental story line.
The writing apparently changed. The plot is becoming ugly. At this point
in time it seems significant characters are filled with the destructiveness of envy,
and a need to hurt each other. Why should Diane care so much about Will and
Alicia having a romantic relationship? And why wouldn't she approach them,
rather than discussing insurance increases and hold sexual harassment classes.
It is after all 2011, not 1990. It's as if the story line jumped tracks. Simplicity
and good common sense has its place in television--if I wanted to watch a
soap opera, I would.


Give us more Kalinda, get rid of Caitlin(?).


Not my favorite episode. 4points. I like Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni. And relationship between Lockhart and Gardner. And I miss Calinda. More Calinda. I like then Calinda, Cary, Alycia, Will and Diane in one scene.Wont More!!! You feel connection between them. Of course its a little bit strange but atmosphere is great. Really?


Alicia is not "a married woman", she's a SEPARATED woman, says who ? Maybe in your world but for the rest she is MARRIED !!!


Get a Bloody clue@ Hi John i'm still looking for a pay back ?
Now answer this one---Peter had sex with the same hooker 18 times, how manny times has Alica been laid by WILL SO FAR ?


CP was so great, hope more of her! Caitlin still so annoying. She was to set off Alicia's very old, very unlucky? Vicious writer!Dana was ok, I like her,She did not dazzling beauty, but competent firm.Diane was the queen!

William e bruce

Dana was talking last week about it being her last week before going to her new job.


If I were Peter I would take Will around the corner and castrate him that might get the point acrossed you don't mess with a married woman while she is still married." How can troglodytes like this still exist?? (I guess that "acrossed" is an indicator of the intelligence we're dealing with here, though.) Alicia is not "a married woman", she's a SEPARATED woman, who kicked out her cheating rat of a husband (that would be PETER) when she learned he had been was screwing hookers and co-workers during her marriage. Peter is in no position at all to get all judgmental about Will. His marriage ended because HE couldn't keep it in in his pants, not because Will is the guy she's chosen instead. And the fact that he's still trying to harass Will about something that happened fifteen years ago in another jurisdiction (and he'd paid it BACK!) shows us what a jealous and vindictive jerk he really is. There is NO WAY Alicia is ever getting back with that sleazy creep unless she has a lobotomy first.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't understand what the whole Dana got a better job story line was about. She doesn't have a job now? Did she ever have one? Somebody help!


Agree with Peter. Doesn't something have to happen more then once and regularly for it to be a pattern..they just want us to accept it without questioning. For the most part the writing holds up well then occasionally you get this weird bits which don't work. I love this show but wish it would the writing would stay tight and consistent. Grace is a device they seem to be using to introduce issues or plot devices to allow other characters to get "easily" from point A to B. Its evident Peter is driven primarily for revenge against Will because of Alicia. Grace being there in his office and her comments suddenly reminded Peter why he needs to appear not personally involved in the hunt for Will - a clear indication about his motives which Will called him out about. Peter hadn't even considered the kids in his consideration about going after Will, only just now. I like that Alicia is where she is at. She is having to grow up very soon to face reality that her lover has secrets he won't/can't share with her. Also there is a very real possibility she may have to leave LG or be asked to leave LG because of all the conflict of interests. Just the good wife growing up. Cary - love that he is smarmy and vengeful, but obviously still has soft spots..going to make for a very interesting LG offensive. Can't wait. But i must have missed something - there was a comment about his sleeping with co-counsel - are they referring to Dana? and if so, when did this happen?

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