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The Good Wife Promo: Where's Grace?!?

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When does the return of Michael J. Fox to The Good Wife take second billing? When one of Alicia's kids goes missing.

Indeed, on this Sunday's "Parenting Made Easy," Fox reprises the role of Louis Canning during a seemingly routine arbitration case - but, as you can see in the official CBS promo here, a personal crisis distracts Alicia from the matter at hand. And also reveals a connection between the lawyers.

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HOO, I hate this ditzy blonde! She's another flaw! She wasted valuable TGW 43 minutes.


No fake she follow heart and send Will a PACKING, she never loved WILL big mistake.


alica loves will and She's never come back to Peter!
If she does it will be fake, for his success and for the children !


Alicia will figure it out and move on, mark the words of a true beliver she will move on backwards. All this messing around is her way of repayment back to Peter but will cause her heartbreak in the end that will take time to heal.


What is everyone's problem with Will? Alicia's husband is a horn-dog who cheats at the drop of a hat & pretends to be a better person. Will is who he is and Alicia will figure it out and move on. But not necessarily back to her loser hubby.


Alicia does not love Will, she is trying to see why her marriage flopped and is trying to repair it.


I agree with you @Ann.


If Will's disappearance make Catlin away, I hope Will disappear forever!


Hangout - Alicia loves Will.
nikki - Don't hate Will, He's a nice guy!


I hate Will. Why can't he disappear forever?