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Sure, Penny slept with a lot of guys, but in my opinion Leonard is even more of a tramp as he just sleeps with whatever female crosses his path, he doesn't even appear to have standards of any kind (Penny appears to go for the tall, muscular, stupid kind - perhaps not the greatest standards, but at least she doesn't sleep with everyone).


Good Episode overall. Fianlyl Sheldon said lines that were Sheldon-like. For example at the beginning when he made fun of Leonards career.

Two things were bad though:

Sheldon getting jealous - this I didn't really get. In fact him having a girlfriend I don't get... how is ever going to win the nobel prize now? lol. Seriously though, is this show even about science anymore? It's more like a nerdy friends. Sheldon doen't even play the physicist part anymore.

Penny - Is she even in the show anymore? I was looking forward to some good old Sheldon/Penny time but it was brief (and for the record I think most of us Big Bang fans would rather see Sheldon go on a date with Penny than Any). The other thing is that her character is going down hill - no air time, and in addition to her being a bit of slut (let's face it she's slept with a lot of guys). now she's a drunk too?? Stop ruining her character, everyone loves Penny!


This episode is definitely one of the better ones for this season. It is more realistic compared to the last one, where Sheldon has a (very fake) paranoia of birds. This episode shows a much more realistic storyline, and finally Penny gets called for what she is: a tramp! (seriously she is such a tramp!! I've always waited for someone to point that out, and finally Sheldon did. Bravo)


I think this use of Amy was much funnier than 2 weeks ago. at its base, the show needs to be focused on the nerds.

this storyline was very similar to the end of season 2 where penny and stuart go on a date which ends up with penny and Leonard getting together. Poor guy.


Good. I'd like more co-ed interactions and more Penny/Sheldon interactions. I hope Penny the Drunk goes somewhere because it gets unfunny fast.


@Carla, You're right, it would be hilarious to see Leonard use the roommate agreement against Sheldon. That had not occurred to me.

I like Amy, and I would like to see Sheldon become a more socialized individual. If one pretends for the sake of argument that these people are real, not TV characters, it is not sensible to assume that things will always remain the same. Bernadette and Howard will be marrying, and presumably, reproducing. Howard will have other interests besides being a fourth at whatever game the guys are playing.

Leonard is already capable of a sustained relationship. He sent the doctor away, not vice versa, a few seasons back. Whether it is with Penny or with someone else, Leonard will also pair up and move out.

Raj is cute, educated, intelligent, rich, and Indian. He even can be charming, when he is not drunk. Eventually, he will solve the "selective mutism" problem and pair up, or he will return to India. Sheldon is unlikely to acquire another such set of friends, and as much as he continually comments upon how little he needs people, he needs them.

Moving on to the "next step" in the relationship, as they put it, is logical. Jim Parsons was on a talk show the other day, and he said that he is going to be 39. He holds his age well, but this is not going to work forever. Sheldon needs to mature, within the limits of his theoretical ability, if he indeed has Asperger's Syndrome. So, as the episode involves moving on, I liked it.

I am somewhat concerned about the level of drinking the writers are having Penny do lately, though. I don't see very many story lines where a drunk girl is very funny. Cheers used to have a lot of characters who drank to excess, but seldom or never became drunk. Penny is getting drunk, and drunk females are vulnerable. I am not sure I want to see where this is going ...

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