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I took a couple weeks off from this inane dreck but thought I'd tune in to see if anything had gotten better. Nope.

We get soldiers and scientists playing with a dragonfly that is nothing but a red herring, a petulant cop thrown into the brig - again - leave him there. Kids putting on a play for some uninteresting terra nova festival, and everyone seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are in a life or death situation.

Hello writers and producers...? A show aimed at kids doesn't have to be stupid. Perhaps you are too stupid to realize that. I wonder if these kids are written based off their own offspring's actions and behaviors? Write what you know I guess.

None of these characters behaves with any consistency, logic or authenticity. None of the plot points engage or interest. And the threats to the colony? Nonexistent really - unless you are one of the Enterprise crew wearing the red uniform. Gilligan's Island has more suspense than this show - and better characters.

It was rather fun to watch for 10 minutes with my buddies and tear apart how stupid the show was. One note about the play. It had production values that would make most off Broadway producers yearn for a time rift.

How many people are there in terra nova anyways? It looked to be about 30 based on the audience at the play, yet there are murders every week, sixers attacking, dinos in the forest and these idiots watch a children's play as if they were at the elementary school. Where do all the new faces for all the ridiculous plots come from?


Did you not really see this coming from a mile away? I sure did. I mean no government does something for its citizens without getting something back. In this case give people a new place to live so that the "new" world can provide us with a means to generate more revenue in their own time. Ok so the specifics were hazy, but knowing that these people were sent there for a reason other than trying to save the people. Yes, I see more polotics in the future of this series. I was really hoping for dinosaur action rather than what we have been getting. I think I'll keep watching this season, but I don't know yet about another season of it.


im agree that in further episodes there gonna be less suspence, but i dont think that sixers get a huge back ups soon, maybe in the possible 2nd season. and about lucas, i think hes cooking something else beside his personal portal


this is still going?, wow, just wow

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