Terra Nova Review: He's The Great Imposter

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There were parts of "Proof" that I actually enjoyed. In fact, Maddie's turn as a detective - in attempting to take down the man masquerading as her apparent hero - was surprisingly one of the highlights.

The problem with Terra Nova continues to be that there are just so many... problems. The acting is subpar, the dialogue is some kind of awful and even when you think a story is going somewhere interesting, it turns out to be a dud.

Taking a Needed Break

I was completely invested in the Josh and Mira story when I though the latter was letting the former go in exchange for a favor down the road that was going to be important. I thought it would be for something she had planned. The fact that she used up that favor the very next episode in order to help her sick Sixers was extremely disappointing.

More disappointing, though, was the entire robbery scene in which Josh stole the medicine Mira needed. It was never established that he had any plan, which was obvious by what a shoddy job he did once he feverishly broke into the clinic. Nobody heard this happening? The glass shattering? The sonic boom of the gun?

Like Maddie, who ended up doing a fine job of uncovering the mystery of Ken Horton, Jim Shannon proved to be just as good of a detective when he stared through the gigantic hole in the window and stated "broke in through the window." Yeah, no shit Sherlock.

While the discovery that Horton was indeed an imposter was probably the most interesting part of "Proof," it also included one of the more reprehensible moments of the season. How did Horton not notice the teenage girl hiding behind the completely open - and nearly transparent - table?!?!?

I re-watched this scene three times, then re-enacted it in my apartment to figure out how ridiculous it was that he didn't see her.  he conclusion: Out of this world ridiculous!

It still was interesting to see Maddie solve the case, though. The fact that there are "facers" that do those types of procedures, that the assistant killed the legend, and that Zoe wanted him to be a vampire the entire time, made it all a bit more interesting. I wish it did turn out to be vampires. That would have kicked things up a notch around here.

I'm also glad that Lucas remained in the picture this week. The continual dance around the Commander's son, Mira, her mole inside Terra Nova, and the Sixers' contact with 2149 are what keep me interested in what's going to happen next. It sure as heck isn't what's currently going on around camp.

Oh yeah! I also figured out who Skye reminded me of. She is a young Lucinda Nicholson!

Let us know what you thought of "Proof" in the comments. Will you be back for more?

Proof Review

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