Terra Nova Exclusive: Christine Adams on Major Reveal to Come

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Christine Adams had no idea what she was getting into.

When the actress arrived in Australia to start shooting Terra Nova, she only had a general idea of what the show was about. But Adams quickly learned the impressive scale involved. Now, as she told me over the phone:

"It's like shooting a movie every week."

Christine Adams as Mira

Adams, of course, plays Mira, a member of the seemingly nefarious Sixers. She says viewers will soon learn a lot more about her mysterious character.

"You'll see that she's a leader in her own small world, but she's not the leader. She's not pulling the strings all."

The actress also teases that we'll discover "more about Terra Nova and why it's there" over the next couple episodes.

As for this Monday's installment, which is previewed HERE?

"There's only a little nugget into Mira's story. It's gonna open up another door into her world," Adams says, concluding with this major tease: "We're gonna find out who the mole is."

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