Supernatural Round Table: "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Supernatural Round Table!

Below, Carissa Pavlica, Kate Moon and Sean McKenna break down "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters," an episode of this CW hit that took our favorite pair of siblings into the woods of New Jersey. As always, reader feedback on the following topics is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Carissa: "You don't shook Bambi, jackass. You shoot Bambi's mother."

Kate: Damn, Carissa, you took my favorite quote! A close second would be the waiter who called Sam "Big Bird"; Dean "Ken doll"; and Bobby a "creepy uncle."  Totally awesome. Waiters have been pulling some heavy weight on Supernatural lately!

Sean: I agree with both Carissa and Kate about those lines, but I jumped when the turducken infested cannibal woke back up and laughed when Sam, Dean and Bobby unloaded an unnecessary number of bullets into it. Scary and funny: that’s what Supernatural does best.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What do you think of Dick Roman as the Leviathan leader?
Carissa: He's okay, but I'm never going to get behind the Leviathan in general as a big bad. Don't like them. Don't find them interesting and I don't like them usurping my monster of the week. I wanted a damned Jersey Devil!

Kate: I loved him from the start and I love him even more now. He's the epitome of a corporate, bureaucratic douche...and what's more "evil" than that right now? The writers did a great job of capturing the political climate in Supernatural and I found the segment of "Rise of Dick" and all the double entendre really funny! 

Sean: I thought the entendre stuff about the “Rise of Dick” was funny, too, but I just don’t find him as intimidating or scary compared to Lucifer, the angels, or even Yellow Eyes. He seems like the perfect villain for a political or law drama, but for Supernatural he hasn’t hooked me yet. Maybe with a turducken...

What about the Leviathan plans to use Turducken?
Carissa: I don't understand their plans. Maybe it's because I don't care about them and I've not listened well enough. Their scheme is to use Turducken to make everyone fat and high on Turducken until they die? Surely they have easier ways to kill the human race than through Turducken.

Kate: Finally! An explanation for the obesity epidemic! Pure comedic genius or just lame... it's a fine line they walk. It's so absurd that I'm going to go with pure genius.  You have to hand it to them; no one's tried to conquer the world through a trio of delicious avians.

Sean: Unfortuntely, Kate, I’m going with lame. It could have been a better idea had it been connected to a monster of the week, but the season’s big bad? But really, what are there plans? Maybe the Leviathan are all a figment of Sam’s imagination and he is starving, so that’s why the Leviathan are so hungry. I’m just waiting for the larger scaled plans.

Do you think Sam actually has a handle on his broken mind?
Carissa: As much of a handle as you can have after being tortured in a cage in hell with Lucifer and some other guy. Weren't there three of them? Was the other one the two episode brother who got the short end of the Winchester stick? See? These Leviathan are melting MY brain.

Kate: It seems like it at the moment. Lucifer hasn't made an appearance in ages. I'm more worried about suicidal Dean at the moment and I think Sam can handle himself even if Lucifer is haunting him.

Sean: Don’t the brothers always say they have it under control when they don’t have it under control. The topic keeps popping up almost subtly every now and then, so I have a feeling something big will happen concerning it.

Will Bobby die?
Carissa: I have a very frightening feeling that Bobby will die. And that Sam and Dean will ask a Leviathan to bring him back to "life." Surely that can't happen, right? We can't lose Cass and Bobby in the same front end of a season. It's just not right. If we were truly back to the monster of the week, it would be easier to accept. Leviathan are just as bad as fighting Lucifer, and not as entertaining. Take away our two best wise-crackers and what do we have? Sam and Dean fighting boring Leviathan for the rest of their lives. No thank you.

Kate: The heartfelt moment between Bobby and Dean in the car made it seem like Bobby would be the next to leave the Winchesters. I really hope not because Bobby is such a breath of fresh, realistic air for the brothers. And to lose both Castiel and Bobby would be such a horrible blow for us all. 

Sean: I hope not, especially after they already killed Castiel. If he does die, I wonder if Sam and Dean will make a deal to bring him back. They did reintroduce the Crossroads Demon recently. But two major deaths? I don’t know if I can handle that. Only about two weeks before we find out!

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