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I LOVED this episode!! It's about time the show got back to it's roots like this! And can't wait to see WHAT/WHO Sam is "marrying" next week!!!!! Keep up the good work boys!!!


Yes! I haven't finished watching the episode, (nothing like a good show on a lazy Saturday morning) but I'm really feeling this...the brothers are on their game and look sexy to boot, especially Dean - of course.

I love Dean telling Sam to get over himself, reminding him of who they are and the tough choices they have to make as Hunters. Why hiding killing Amy from Sam was due to his love for him and Sam needed to get a grip - great writing, great acting on both actors parts. Tugged at the heart strings, which is why stopped to make this comment. Thumbs Up! I hope this series ends as strongly as that scene.


@Piecar - Somehow my review met up with some technical difficulties. Should be all good now!


Just checking....This a review above, and not a blurb, right?

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