South Park Review: RIP, Clyde Frog

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With the ridiculousness that is the Occupy movement, it was only a matter of time before Matt Stone and Trey Parker gave the protestors the South Park treatment.

This movement was paralleled by our fourth graders through the use of a Presidential Physical Fitness examination, making Cartman the "1%" and the rest of his class the 99%, all while giving an easy direct link to the Obama administration.

1 Percent Picture

While South Park is never a stranger to satire nor stating its politically incorrect views, I can't remember the last time Stone and Parker were so direct. They gave Cartman some pretty ridiculous quotes, such as:

I'll tell you why you're protesting, because you all think it's wrong to be pissed at a black president... | permalink

Aside from Cartman insinuating that people were blaming Wall Street and not the President because in our society "black people are incapable of doing anything wrong," the show had plenty more to mock about the protests.

One of my favorite bits was them mocking how liberally the word Occupy has been placed on everything from their Occupy Red Robin to the even more ridiculous Occupy the Rest Room. Personally, I've seen people holding Occupy signs designed for street corners.

Then there were the fifth graders that just had to mess things up when they couldn't just allow a single party 99% and had to break it down into 83%, 0.17%, and even a few little 5 percenters. Doesn't that just perfectly exemplify the flaw of the whole movement?

Meanwhile, throughout it all, our racist little Cartman was just trying to figure out who was killing off his toys, one by one, seemingly part of the 1% liberal Jew persecution. Of course, there was the clever, messed up ending reveal when it was just our little man growing up. Are we going to end up with two cynical fourth graders now?

Overall, I thought it was a great satire loaded with laughs and it did something South Park hasn't done to me in awhile: shocked me. But I'm sure you guys will still find a reason to hate my review and make me feel like the one percent. Let me go find my Clyde Frog to complain to. At least he thinks I'm cool. Oh wait. RIP Clyde Frog. You will be missed...


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Dave, you are contradicting yourself. Either it is satire or it is just silly, can not be both. Look up "satire" on wikipedia if you don't believe me. One of the first things you learn in literary criticism is not trusting the author too much: some authors are ignorant about their own motivations, others are downright misleading. Matt and Trey get most leeway if they convince everybody that they are not serious. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. One last thing for your consideration. "Just laughing at the jokes and leaving it at that" would take a lot of fun out of watching South Park (and out of life).


@Dave - Absolutely. I took the side I wanted to out of it and enjoyed it :)


It is hilarious to read both the review and the comments. Everyone is trying to infer political meaning from all of this, but that's not how Trey and Matt work. This episode was not about approval or disaproval of the Occupy movement, Obama, the Tea Party, or any of the other things being insinuated. It is a satire that turns real-world events into silly events on a TV show. You can't read too much into it, as Trey and Matt have said time and time again. In reality, if you wanted to, you could take this episode to mean all sorts of things, but it's better to just laugh at the jokes, enjoy the episode, and leave it at that.


Everybody who thinks Cartman is right about "they can't blame Obama": please think for a second. Would Cartman be right about anything? If you think he is right, if you use Cartman, of all South Park characters, to vindicate your political beliefs, you should seriously question your convictions. And possibly sanity. Eric, I apologize for asking you to step down as a South Park reviewer in a previous comment. But could you maybe be a little less douchy about it? Like, I get that you don't like the Occupy movement. But does it have to cloud your judgement that much to not see that the "South Park treatment" was mostly given to the media reaction, not the protests itself? How many lines did the protestors have? How many lines the police? Did you notice the "Occupy Red Robin" story was invented by the media and our fourth graders didn't have anything to do with it? And you really think the afore-mentioned Cartman quote made fun of the protesters? No, it made fun of people like you, that apparently really think you can not be critical of black people (Herman Cain, anyone?). That is actually racist. That is why Cartman said it. Because it is racist. And Cartman is a racist.


Lol, Kimberly you are delusional. They absolutely were 100% poking fun at the Occupy movement, in addition to the absurd media coverage and the 1% itself. And lol @ South Park slanting toward Obama, that couldn't be further from the truth. They slam idiots, which is why Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and Obama have all been targeted, rightfully so. And why the fk would they possibly feel any need to apologize for the Man Bear Pig episode? They were dead on accurate in their assertions on Gore. Also while people understand the root concerns of Occupy, the movement itself is retarded because most of these people dont even understand what they are really protesting and the majority of them use faulty logic while being absurdly hypocritical at times.


They were mocking the overreaction to the protests and by extension the substance thereof. They wouldn't be trying to present the media and police departments inordinately responding to the protests (and couldn't) unless they also thought that said protests are not, in their current form, to be taken seriously. Consequently, they satirize all aspects of the protests - those comprising them, those targeted by them, and those responding to them - in classic South Park form. We also learned that Cartman is going to end up in a mental institution later in his life and that they are subtly continuing the "growing up/progress" theme they debuted in the mid season finale and premiere.


Did we watch the same episode? I mean seriously. I saw nothing about the protests that was criticized. I saw criticism of the police and media's over reaction, and I saw criticism at how the 1% are playing victim and unable to dish out what they can take. Also they made fun of the 53% conservative splinter movement. Your review reminds me of the episode of South Park where Cartman does mental gymnastics to try and slant everything to his world view. I know there are many South Park Republican's who are in denial about the direction that Matt and Trey have been taking in recent seasons towards more criticism of the Tea Party, Glenn Beck and conservatives and more sympathy towards Obama and liberals in general. This has been happening ever since the flea episode which acknowledged global warming. Their sort of apology letter for the Man Bear Pig episode a few years earlier. They don't give liberals a pass either, they have become more moderate. Anyways, to summarize the episode, it was 1% who did it, and they wanted to blame Token. But couldn't...because Cartman is friggin insane.


Um, Cartman's "they can't blame Obama" quote isn't ridiculous, it's probably the best explanation for this Occupy stuff. This has been a fairly readily available critique, from all angles, since the beginning.


awesome review and awesome episode, I'm going to try to link this to my fb page

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