Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Call of Duty"

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A member of SAMCRO literally blew up on this week's "Call of Duty," while events turned more explosive than ever via Otto's apparent turn, the return of Wendy and a discovery made by Opie.

In other words: there's plenty of material for Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando to break down. Join them below as they analyze the latest episode in their weekly Q&A...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The first time Jax saw Gemma and her face. Those few moments of silence and that contained rage was perfectly played by Charlie Hunnam.

Dan: It was the conversation between Juice and Chibbs in which we realized how dumb the former was this entire season. Unlike Matt, I feel less cheated by the storyline now because the club doesn't have a problem with race. It ended up being a plot about a younger group member not really knowing the way of the club, and freaking out about it. I buy that much more than SOA all of the sudden hating African-Americans more than life itself.

Christine: It was at the very end when Tigg turned in his Sgt. of Arms badge. Man, I never saw that coming. Clay's killed Piney, beaten Gemma and been threatened by Jax, but this was the one thing that seemed to put a tiny chink in his armor.

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Were you excited to see Wendy again?
Matt: Not really. It's just too much. Of course it's conceivable that she could return, cleaned up and anxious to get to know her child. But there's SO darn much already going on this season, this just felt overly cruel to Tara. Come on, Kurt Sutter! Give the girl a break.

Dan: Excited? No. I didn't hate it, though. I don't mind piling on the obstacles for Jax and Tara. They get what they deserve for not getting out of town earlier.

Christine: Ugh. No. Talk about bad timing. Poor Tara feels like her career is gone and now someone's threatening to interfere with her kids. I was surprised Gemma gave Wendy so much leeway. I'm guessing that's not the last we'll see of that confrontation. You don't mess with Gemma's grandkids.

More likely to kill Clay: Jax, Opie, Unser or Other?
Matt: Other. As in, an other possibility. I just think it's too obvious at this point that someone will kill him off. He might get arrested, he might come up with some power play... and I'd be okay with that. But I won't be okay with any kind of cop out that somehow leaves Clay as President when the season ends.

Dan: Oh, I think thing's were set up perfectly for Opie to kill Clay. As soon as I think Sons is going to zig, it always seem to zag, so I am going to say... Other. Here's hoping that Tig does the deed. The moment he gave up his Sgt. at Arms patch was so frigid that I can see him taking one for the team here.

Christine: It could be any of the above at this point. You could even throw in Tigg and Gemma, but I have a new theory. What if just as Clay's about to be killed, Potter ends up arresting him instead? It could keep Clay alive for next season.

Rank Opie's reaction to Piney's death among all-time gut-wrenching scenes on Sons of Anarchy.
Matt: Number-one. Tara gave us one last week, but the only competition would be Gemma's rape scene from season two. That was a different sort of stomach-turner, however. This scene was utter, raw emotion. If the Emmys knew SOA existed, Ryan Hurst would have automatically earned a nomination here.

Dan: It is up there right near the top. I wouldn't put it as number-one, but it was definitely the first time I saw Ryan Hurst play someone other than Opie on this show. A little bit of Gerry Bertier came out in Hurst in that moment, and that is not a bad thing.  

Christine: It's definitely up there. He was so distraught and in shock I really didn't know what he was going to do in that moment. I think he could have easily shot Unser simply as an outlet for his rage. This club has taken everything, his wife, his father... and you felt it all in that scene.

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