Ringer Review: There's Two of Them?!?

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Every week on Ringer, Bridget Kelly dances faster and faster, trying to keep up with her web of lies. But it may be too late now.

Finally Bridget (as Siobhan) has to tell everyone that she has a twin she's been hiding. Juliet's reaction was perfect. "Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?" Other than that, the teen really didn't care. She had a party to get to.

What was Andrew thinking when he said Juliet could run off to Connecticut with her new friend? Seemed like a lot of trust to place in a girl who really hasn't earned any lately. I gave him some credit for at least calling Monica's parents but Juliet finding trouble this weekend was a given. 

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At least he finally took away something the girl really cared about. The money. That certainly got her attention. Not that she'll starve but life without her limitless credit cards should be more interesting.

Henry didn't seem fazed by the news of Siobhan's twin. I suppose he had other things to worry about. For once, he actually seemed concerned about his missing wife. Nevermind that he cheated on her for months and then destroyed all evidence of her abduction to supposedly save his mistress. Now that Gemma might be dead, he's realized what he threw away. Too little too late.

Poor Gemma. It appeared as though she might truly be dead. I know that was a lot of blood in the house, but somehow I had hoped she'd survived. However, from the looks of that fight with Charlie, it seems unlikely. 

Why was Bridget trusting Charlie with so much information? I know he's her new sponsor but he's also a former addict and in the scheme of things she's known him for all of 10 minutes. I suppose she had to ask someone for help and Charlie had the police connections she needed... but talk about a bad call.

Who the heck is this guy anyway? How is he connected to Siobhan other than he now appeared to be her hired henchman. Now that Charlie's covered his tracks, will Siobhan set up her sister for murder?

Malcolm got away from his captors, only to find out they're following him in hopes of tracking down Bridget. So what does he do? He heads straight for her! How could he be certain he still wasn't being followed? No good can come of Malcolm being in New York.

And couldn't Malcolm go to the cops, tell them he was kidnapped and tortured by Malawi? It's not a murder case but it could still put the bastard behind bars and buy Bridget some time. Just a thought.

The person I felt for the most this week was Andrew. First his newfound trust in his wife was put to the test when he found he'd been married five years and never heard about her twin sister. Now that twin may have something to do with the disappearance of their good friend. His daughter's troubles continued and, to top it off, he's about to learn the baby that now means everything to him doesn't exist. Ouch.

The ultrasound will obviously show that there's no child or at least no heartbeat, but could it show she was never pregnant? Could Bridget get lucky and possibly have this written off as a miscarriage? Or will the truth come out? I don't know how Andrew will deal if he's hit with one more lie. How fast can Bridget spin a new tale if this all goes wrong? I can't wait for next week to find out.

Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them? Review

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