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Psych entered a mental hospital this week... to hilarious results.

As usual, the USA hit has given our Round Table panel plenty to analyze, as Chandel, Priscilla, Alexis and Beth all do below. Pull up a figurative chair and join them, won't you?


What was your favorite moment and/or quote from the episode?
Chandel: Probably seeing Shawn asleep in the mental institution, holding that bear. It was pretty cute and he looked so peaceful!

Priscilla: My favorite quote is what Shawn said while he was driving the medicine cart. I choked on my dinner when I heard him say he was "the ice cream man except with barbiturates!" Can Psych-Outs be the favorite moment? Tim Omundson scaring Dule was definitely a golden moment, but my favorite from the episode has to be the scene at Molly's house. I loved how creepy Gus was getting his groove on to Kenny G's "Songbird." That was one of the funniest scenes!

Alexis: I giggled my way through the entire episode. Big grin on my face through the many silly scenes with Gus, Shawn and the rest of the cast! So many great moments to choose from, but I absolutely loved the final bit of silliness with the patient being chased across the lawn by orderlies. When you watch the scene again, you will see even the way he was running was hilarious!

Beth: I loved the moment when the evil brother had his gun on Shawn, and Gus and Bethel were wandering around and got right in his way and the evil brother was like "What the--?" It was a quick moment, but it was really funny because it was so bizarre. My favorite quote was when Shawn used the Woody Allen voice and said something about doing a cannonball.

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Gus can't seem to find the right kind of girl. Have any good dating tips for him?
Chandel: Stop looking. All the good relationships happen when you least expect them. Besides, all the girls you chat up eventually have something wrong with them. If you stop approaching them, maybe the right girl will approach you instead!

Priscilla: Gus is special and it takes a special girl to woo him. Most of the girls Gus digs have his similar personality traits. It's kinda weird, actually. I think he should call up Jessica, they seem to make a cute couple.

Alexis: Well, he seems to be having so much fun trying to be a "Ladies Man" even if he hits on the wrong girls. When a girl morphs into a guy mid conversation... Yikes! He actually goes from suave and smooth to adorably dorky so fast he makes my head spin. Don't go changing, Gus, we love you just the way you are!

Beth:Yeah, actually, that whole chasing Vivienne thing didn't work for me last night. It was like a one-scene joke they just kept going with. Reminded me of the mascot from last week. So my advice to Gus is make sure the writers give you cool stuff to do normally, and that will help you reel in the ladies.

Do you think Juliet was really as concerned about Shawn going undercover in the mental institution as she seemed, and if so, why?
Chandel: I think Juliet could sense from the beginning that Shawn's quirky personality would make him prone to liking the atmosphere of the institution. Besides, it was a pretty cushy place, and every time she met with him he divulged another swanky feature, like the pool. I'd be worried he was considering permanent residence, too!

Priscilla:I believe she was genuinely concerned. Shawn is somewhat mentally unstable but in a good way, if that makes sense!

Alexis: Juliet is a cool one! She doesn't always tip you off to what she is really thinking. I think she knows Shawn can be a live wire, and was concerned about what craziness he would get into. Does she think he is really Psychic? Is she playing along? I don't want to know the answers to those questions just yet!

Beth: I think it was funny she had that concern. It kind of shows how well she knows him. She saw what a cushy set up it was, and how Shawn, at heart, seems to be a guy who likes cushy set-ups! And a place where all kinds of odd behavior is accepted? Yeah, she should have been worried!

If someone gave you a psychological profile, what psychosis would you most likely get diagnosed (real or made up!)?
Chandel: If I had to diagnose myself, I would probably haveĀ  "Wonder Woman Disorder." Patients diagnosed with this condition typically experience an overwhelming desire to do everything, even if that compulsion leads them to expend their energies, possibly inefficiently, and engage in poor life organization.

Priscilla: Impulsive Sarcastic Personality Syndrome. I never hold my tongue from being sarcastic!

Alexis: Oh, clearly they would write me up for "warpedsenseofhumoritis." I am SO easily amused by the silliest and most ridiculous things. Roday, Hill and the entire cast are so good with double takes, funny facial expressions, comedic timing and more. Just keeps me chuckling every episode. Psych, I heart you!

Beth:Shawn Spencer Associative Disorder. Sometimes I wish I was more like Shawn with is ability to con people and fast talking all the time. That can't be a sign of good mental health!

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