Psych Round Table: Comic-al!

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Psych entered the world of comic books this week, with typically hilarious results.

As usual, a Round Table panel led by erstwhile critic Chandel Charles is now here to analyze the most recent installment. Below, she's joined by Twitter followers and fellow Psychics Sarah, Jenna, Jessica and Ariana for a look at "The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2." Pull up a chair, TV Fanatics. Join them...


What was your favorite moment/quote from the episode and why?
Chandel: As simple as it was, I think it had to be the "I know, you know" moment between Shawn and Juliet. I thought it was funny that he was darn near singing his own theme song without even knowing it. It was a really entertaining bit.

Sarah: Probably when Gus tap danced right before he threw sand out of his pocket. It's so dorky, but Gus dorky, if that makes sense, so it worked and was HILARIOUS!

Jenna: Probably when Shawn quoted the theme song to Jules. It was hilarious and helped me with my Friendly Indians withdrawal for the week. I also enjoyed when Gus was a smart-ass about Shawn pretending to be psychic. I also loved the "POW" "ZAP" and "WHIFF" signs as well. Awesome homage to Adam West's Batman. Can you tell I can't pick just one moment?

Jessica: I loved all the special effects they did, like using the iPad with the newspaper headlines and the "sound effects" signs during the big fight near the end. Oh, and Lassiter getting to shoot his gun is always awesome! And then one of my favorite quotes would have to be when Shawn's "I've solved more crimes than I can count. And that's because I've solved a lot of crimes, not because I can't count very high."

Ariana: Impossible question! I loved the two scenes where Shawn’s lack of honesty were highlighted - the one where Juliet and Gus are double teaming on Shawn because his “supernatural” powers are an unfair advantage over some guy who just happens to have incredibly well honed and developed natural abilities... and Shawn has to sit and take it; Followed up with the “I know, you know” scene. Those two together definitely bring up the idea that this lack of honesty is starting to really weigh on Shawn’s mind. I love the psychology behind that, and I love the creative ways that the writers continue to highlight the original theme behind the show in the first place.

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Does Juliet know that Shawn isn't psychic?
Chandel: As much as I hate to say this, I think Juliet really does believe he's psychic. I have, for the most part, subscribed to the idea that she, too, was playing along. I don't think she's naive enough to have missed the hints (Like Gus changing his SBPD nametag to the Central Coast one in "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader" after Carlton corners Shawn about his abilities), and therefore I would have thought she knew. She's surprisingly hard to read in this regard, and I wonder if that's because Maggie Lawson herself isn't completely sure how she wants to play it.

Sarah: Tough question. I always thought she had a doubt that he wasn't really psychic but she seemed to believe he actually was in this episode, without showing any doubt about it. So I guess right now I would say no. I just hope this secret doesn't destroy their relationship/friendship when and if he tells her.

Jenna: I don't know why she hasn't caught on yet, but I do believe that Juliet believes in Shawn's psychic abilities. I think that if she knew he wasn't psychic, she would confront him about it.

Jessica: I think she doesn't know. I think she's had times when she's doubted him, but she seems to really believe him. Falling back on a previous episode, from the way she acted when Lassiter made him take the lie detector, she seemed to genuinely believe Shawn and seemed relieved when it said he was telling the truth. Plus, her character seems like one who would ask him if she really thought he was a fake, especially with them being a couple now.

Ariana: We like to think that Juliet is very intelligent, with a good head on her shoulders and a solid read on reality. After all, these traits are an essential part of her job! Then again, I’m sure there’s a part that nags her about the reality of such an outlandish claim. The practical side of her asks: Why not? Does she have an actual reason to doubt him? After all, he does solve all these impossible crimes in seemingly impossible ways. This, coupled with the fact that she just plain and simply wants to believe him (because not believing him would mean believing he’s lying to her... and we all know how she feels about that), suggests that yes, she does believe he’s psychic. That said, I do believe that if given an actual reason to doubt and ask questions, she won’t be one to brush the doubt under the carpet.

What theme would you suggest for an episode?
Chandel: I know this doesn't really count as a theme, but if we could get a "Day in the Life of Chief Vick" episode, I would totally be on board with that. We could rip off the episode of House "5 to 9," where they follow Cuddy around, only in this case we follow the Chief. I'm dying to see what her life is like outside of the force. I want to see what Iris looks like, who should be five or six, and it's an awesome opportunity to cast someone as Karen's husband! Anyone have any suggestions as to who they should cast?

Sarah: This is easy: MacGyver! They've referenced that show a few times and I'm surprised they haven't done an episode based on it yet. C'mon son!

Jenna: Oh my God. What a hard question. If the writers asked me to brainstorm, I would just suggest they make Gus say "I can fix that." Actually, I've already suggested that. Still waiting for it to happen, LOL. But theme wise... they've covered A LOT! Maybe an episode that has to do with crazy fans of a TV show where one went too far and killed/kidnapped/assaulted the star of the show and Psych had to figure out which crazy fan it was. Oh, the comedy gold in that...

Jessica: Hmm... I think it would be pretty cool if they did a medieval episode, be it at a fair or some sort of museum. I think it would be awesome to see the Psych gang in the various costumes - and, of course, doing things like dueling and jousting.

Ariana: Paintball! I have a close friend who loves the sport, and who wouldn’t want a fun, all out, action packed episode like that? Murder at the paintball range, a paintball match where the other side is not as benign as they may seem. I’d love it. Also, this would be such a great opportunity to see Shawn and Lassie go at each other with guns! Lassiter’s badass, no holds barred style against Shawn’s perfect aim? That scene alone would be epic.

What would your superhero persona be? What would the costume look like?
Chandel: I think I would be SuperGirl, mostly because that's what my boyfriend seems to call me affectionately all the time. He seems to think it appropriate even without the costume, so I'm happy just being me!

Sarah: Hmm... how about: Hubcap Girl! The costume would be made of Hubcaps of course.

Jenna: First of all, I'm not big into dressing up, so whatever it looked like, it wouldn't be loud. I'd want to stay stealth-like. Like a jackal. There you go. I'd be The Jackal. I'm not sure what The Jackal would do, though. Maybe gather intelligence by sneaking around and not being caught and then giving the information to police? I have no idea.

Jessica: Maybe someone terrific with handling a whip (I always thought people who could do whip tricks were way cool). Not entirely sure about the costume, but long brown coats are awesome, which would totally work with the whip thing, so I'll go with that.

Ariana: I’m the least superhero-like person you’d ever meet. But I loved Gus’ “Tapman” persona, and when he said that “Riverdance Man” would be his arch nemesis, I almost fell over laughing! I’m a former competitive Irish Dancer, so at the very least, for the sake of having a “dance off” against him, I’d have to go as “Riverdance Girl” ... even if that technically means I might have to be more of a villain than a superhero. Gus didn’t have much of a costume, and neither would I. Who needs one when we’ve got feet of flames?

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