Private Practice Sneak Peek: An Intervention?!?

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Can we talk to you for a minute?
Who's we?

Private Practice airs a special two-hour episode tonight, one that does not include any patients... unless you count Amelia. This character's addiction will be front and center on an installment star Caterina Scorsone says will be emotionally draining. Bring your tissues, viewers.

In the following sneak peek, we watch as Addison confronts her co-worker and exactly what everyone has planned finally dawns on Amelia. How does she react? Not well. See for yourself:

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I'm not sure who is writing the show material but can you please get some new writers or something, the show has gotten awful.I had been sad because I was missing some episodes due to work but now I can't believe how bad the show has gotten. The whole Sam and Addison thing is stupid. It is so unrealistic that two people as old as they are and as supposedly intelligent would continue to pretend that they will be happy together. They do not want the same thing in life, they never talk about any future beyond the next morning and Addison should have realized (if she were a real person) that she is in another dead end relationship. Why make her so pathetic when she could be with someone that shares here ideas and dreams instead of this stupid thing with Sam. It's an insult to the viewers to be subjected to it. The Violet-Pete thing is also stupid. What is supposed to be their problem. I feel like I must have missed a few episodes. i have gone back and watched them all now and I just don't get it. Why make them smile and a few episodes ago after a conversation with Sheldon make Pete seem to snap out of it then go back to dumbness? now they break up after they went through hell to be together. I know this a a tv show and I'd enjoy watching but please stop with the constant problems that go on too long and don't make sense. The same goes for Grey's Anatomy.Derreck and Merideth walked through fire to be together then bang problem. problem.problem. surprise surprise.


The actors on the show are TOO BEAUTIFUL. I don't mind htat she is supposedly homely but she doesn't fit the role. It's like casting Leonardo diCaprio as Hoover. It's not believable that she's a doctor. Most of the other characters are more believable as doctors. The dialogue for parts of this show is so contrived and weird.


Caterina Scorsone is homely, and her character is a pathetic loser. Please kill her off!


Hey hater're expressnig your pain at not being given something better by someone else - so you come on a forum and make negative comments blaming Shonda R for failing you. And you call yourself hater. Does that sound like something Ive just watched -


I don't hate the show but it's painful to watch and I'm expressing my pain. Give me something better to watch and I won't voice my pain here. Why is the Addison character so desperate to have a child? Why not be self conscious about the whole baby craze thing in Hollywood instead of blinding jumping on that baby bandwagon? Why blame the Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen druggie part of LA with this unpersuasive episode? The fairytale dialogue isn't why people do drugs. It's regressive but not in the way that people run from work, turn on their friends, and make babies with handsome druggies that this episode suggests. I didn't learn anything about drug addiction from this. Why is the writing so cloying and sentimental and Hallmark cardish? Can't Shonda say something normal about Charlie Sheen's drug problems without giving us the Hallmark card alternative? Why do these doctors do so much together? It's really weird and creepy. Don't they ever want to talk to anyone else? Isn't that a bit regressive to spend all their lives with the same beautiful doctors? Why can't they ever talk like real people talk?


I enjoyed the double bill, its a difficult subject and if you;re looking for special dialogue and out of the ordinary expression then clearly, you dont understand the crushing banality of addiction - its a routine job about dulling yourself to non existence and one that does have total arrogance, grandiosity and bad behaviour at its core - they captured that fantastically and I LOVED Pete and Violet laughing at it. That was genius. It is solved by love and forgiveness and compassion, Sound trite,contrived, but that's what addiction and recovery is about. Well done for a good crack at a very difficult subject.


If you don't like the show, don't watch it. Do you honestly not have anything better to do than talk trash? The show wouldn't be interesting if there was no drama or conflict and it's pointing out that people make mistakes. Shonda is the creator of 2 hit prime time TV shows; what are you haters doing? Besides, I believe this page is for FANS which some of you clearly aren't.


Amelia is not persuasive as a neurosurgeon AND the actress is grating and hard to watch. It's tough to tell which of those things is worse. I don't believe she is a doctor of any sort. She says dumb things all the time. Her dialogue is just forced and painful. This episode is just so preachy and cloying. "Can you find one more chair for me?" "We'll make room for you." OMG. Too painful. Why can't they talk like real people instead of Hallmark cards. The actress is pretty bad too though. Maybe they are trying to get rid of her as an actress by writing her incredibly bad dialogue. I don't believe she is Addison's friend. She never connects with the other actors and actresses.


* Addison's eggs took


I thought the episode was really good... The dr.s ended up helping one of there own... And I thought the message was well put the intervention was a little awkward but all in all I thought it was well played out... I wish we would've been able to see if Addison's did take... But I guess that's what next season will bring... Can't wait for it...

Private Practice Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I know that you have a family here and I see that you're destroying it. If you continue down this path, you won't just go down alone, Amelia, you'll take down all the people that love you.


Fine, I'll be your drug dealer. I just want her back.