Parks and Recreation Review: Women's Laser Studies

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The steamroller is back in town! "Smallest Park" took everything I love about Parks and added in an unhealthy amount of Chris Trager awesomeness.

As much as I enjoy steam-rolling Leslie, I was glad this trait of hers was touched upon. Because, I have to be honest, Leslie and her can-do spirit can at times be just too crazy. Parks has been able to balance it well for most of the series, as she’s unleashed it on some poor unsuspecting foe, but sometimes it can be a significant bummer (Copyright, Andy Dwyer!).

Chris and Leslie

Leslie was able to tone down for Ben, and it paid off beautifully, serving as a great moment for character growth. The scene between them in Pawnee’s adorably small park was heart warming, serving to remind me just how much I’ve missed the two of them together.

Also, holy cow Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, save some crazy passionate make out sessions for the rest of the season, you two overachievers.

Once again, I loved Ron playing the surrogate father to one of the few people who he doesn’t actively root against: Andy. Not that his method (or April’s) for that matter worked, because only Andy would pick a class by pointing randomly... although Women’s Lasers Studies does sound like one awesome class. Hear that, American universities?

Finally, Jerry should get credit (well, maybe third of fourth credit) for finally clueing Tom into one the reasons why E720 didn’t end up working out: a lot dreaming without much working. In any case, it felt right to have Tom back to working in Parks.

Overall, “Smallest Park” was a fantastic episode with great emotional payoff. As much as I’ve liked Ben and Leslie doing their own thing, their absence apart made my heart grow fonder of them when they came back together.

Other thoughts:

  • I wonder if the Guitar Teacher’s name is Tammy. Or maybe the Women’s Studies teacher?
  • Come on Enabler Ann, you really had to eat an entire cheesecake because Leslie wanted you to? Although it was delicious cheesecake...
  • Ugh, Comic Sans.
  • Am I the only one who would like to watch an abridged version of the bike rack forum?
  • Was anyone else thinking “this looks like a proposal from Leslie” during the nighttime park scene?

Before you get too competitive with Martin Luther King, be sure to check out and vote on some of our favorite quotes from the episode!

Smallest Park Review

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