Parks and Recreation Review: Welcome Back Tom Haverford!

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Unlike the usual Parks and Recreation critic I'm stepping in for, I've been a huge fan of Tom Haverford and his ridiculous Entertainment 720 storyline this season. But, alas, there was only so far they could take the terrible brainchild of Tom and his idiot friend Jean-Ralphio.

Finding Tom's Replacement

So, much like the rest of the Parks department, it's with open arms that I say, "Welcome back, Tom Haverford!"

I'm always a sucker for the softer side of Ron Swanson. Well, as soft as a man whose nails are too strong for clippers that they need to be sanded can be.

I loved every scene of Ron attempting to court back Tom, from the interview rounds to his faking begging, and the closest thing we may ever see to Ron Swanson running.

Oh, and then there was the A story, in which Ben decided he was done treading water with Leslie, as the two of them helped the local high school with their model U.N. As much as I like the relationship aspect of these two, the highlight was the man from Finland. I couldn't help myself. I was giggling every time he mentioned his army of lions.

The ending was a little cheesy, but I'm just happy that Ben and Leslie could come up with acceptable terms of "The Treaty."

Meanwhile, back at the office, while poor Jerry tried to get some work done, Chris led the remnants of the cast by putting together the inappropriate think tank.

Ann Perkins went surprisingly beyond her usual cute, boring character to really bring on the funny sarcasm, as we learned more about the most attractive couple on the show that never quite worked. It was definitely the weakest of the three story lines, but the weakest storyline of a Parks and Recreation still contains more laughs than every other sitcom combined.

So, enough of my gushing about Parks and Recreation. Or is it Parks and Rec? Or P&R? Or Tommy Town?  Anyways, what did everyone else think of the half hour?

The Treaty Review

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I definitely have more lions than any other country in the world.


Every two weeks I need to sand down my toe nails. They're too strong for clippers.

Ron Swanson